Words Mark Samson, Photography Ria Regino Direction and Styling by Reynaldo Santos Jr. and Ma. Teresa Santos of The Wedding Stylist

Mak Tumang’s fashion journey is far from the fairytale creations he presents on the runway. Like most beginnings, Mak’s relationship with the fashion scene has taken him through loops and loops of confusion, rejection, and diversion from passion. Growing up, Mak’s interest in fashion has always been present–from eagerly watching his grandmother produce dresses and curtains at home to volunteering as designer for high school plays–one would think he’s found his calling early on.

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Not thinking of Fashion Design as a degree option for himself during that time, Mak took up Production Design in De La Salle — College of Saint Benilde instead. It was his curiosity in birthing grandiose production that piqued his interest in pursuing this route. Only to have an awakening on his 2nd year in college under
the tutelage of Eric Pineda (Fashion Designer and Professor) Embracing the re-emergence of his subdued passion for fashion, Mak immersed himself in fashion shows, exhibitions, and competitions through the help of his Fashion Design friends in his theater group.


Pursuing his dream and committing to his vision pushed Mak to take leaps of faith and move forth towards his goal. This realization comes with a whirlwind of opportunities and, sometimes, catastrophic fiascos. Even relevant figures in his life told him to cast fashion aside, and focus on something else–Mak chose to listen to the beating of his heart and the zeal in his soul. He chose to stay true to his desires and continued on despite of people telling him not to. He was determined to prove them otherwise.

In this pursuit, Mak began making a name for himself by being an ever-present figure in fashion editorials, producing creations worthy of fashion features and eventually attending the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. Creating a brand name that is Mak Tumang. His creations are reminiscent of royalty itself. His masterful play in working with silk tulles, lace appliques, and crystal accents displays sophisticatedly daring details fit for a modern day princess. He makes sure that each of his creations speaks the voice of a Mak Tumang woman; confidently feminine luxuriously classic, and sophisticatedly sexy–these are the traits that make

Mak Tumang’s name a resounding success in today’s fashion. Mak’s name resounded as he recently dressed Binibining PIlipinas Universe winner, Catriona Gray.

Each creation from his atelier to fashion runway exhibits holds the signature Mak Tumang qualities–elaborate designs, intricate embroidery, and detailed lacework.

adsds - ROYAL RESURGENCEThese qualities have propelled his name in the local and international stage, proving that each work labored in the heart of passion and of its highest standard will continue to break barriers.

Looking back, as sturdy as his journey was, Mak never failed to forget the lessons he learned along the way. He shares, “Endless possibilities. I always believe in endless possibilities. Follow what your heart says, put your best into everything that you do. Never stop learning.” As each day comes to an end, he always thinks of his clients, each of whom he wants to be remembered by as someone who shared their most memorable life moments with.

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