Animal rescue group Pawssion Project has urged the government to create a disaster management group for animals.

11122020 ULYSSES ROMERO 13 1024x683 - Rescue group calls on gov’t to create disaster management unit for animals

“Our typhoon has subsided, at least for now. The aftermath? Thousands of animal lives lost, most likely a lot more than humans’,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Many pets were left to fend for themselves during the onslaught of Typhoon “Ulysses,” which brought torrential rains and massive floods across the country.

“Our team is dedicated to speaking up for the voiceless. And it absolutely breaks our heart knowing the we, as a country, are still way behind with thinking of our furry companions when emergencies and calamities arise,” Pawssion Project continued.

“We strongly stand by our belief that all lives matter. If you are with us, we encourage you to tap people in power to create disaster plans for the voiceless. We’ll do much better as a nation if we start to think more about others, including those who cannot speak for themselves,” it added.

The group also appealed to pet owners to “come up with emergency plans” for their pets.

“Include them in your thoughts at all times no matter how difficult the situation is. Because their lives matter just as much,” the Bulacan-based organization said.

Earlier, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) urged owners to unchain or uncage their pets during disasters.

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