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In history, clothes have more significant meaning. Traditional dresses and national costumes are best illustrations of this, like Japan’s kimono and our very own baro’t sayo and barong Tagalog. These pieces are more than mere clothes, but rather a significant heirloom that represents the rich culture of the respective country.

Today, we celebrate the beauty in weaving tradition by featuring designs and brands that are inspired by and proudly made by Filipinos.


Ai-she Footwear is a shoe company based in Liliw, Laguna. The company manufactures different types of stylish yet affordable shoes and sandals. It champions local materials such as abaca. |09175026780  

AI SHE FOOTWEAR  - Proudly Filipino


In 2011, Adante Leyesa was the grand winner under the Accessory Division of “Weaving the Future”—a social design competition by the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP). He is currently working on a collection of bag made of local weaves and wood in partnership with certain communities based in Benguet, Antique, and Iloilo. The designer is also looking forward to tapping more communities nationwide, such as the Ifugao basket-weavers of Benguet, the Gawad Kalinga communities, the mananahi and embroiderers of Taal, Batangas, and to bringing their produce to the global market. |   

Adante Leynes - Proudly Filipino


Monchet y Cia is the bespoke line by Monchet Olives of Casa Mercedes Incorporated. Specializing in unique handmade Filipino fabrics, accentuated with unique embellishments, Monchet y Cia is a must-have for every fan enthusiast. It is a division of Casa Mercedes, the oldest fan maker in the Philippines. This small enterprise is built by the sisters Mercedes “Edeng” Diokno Rovira, Dr. Leonora “Nora” Diokno Casas, and Angelita “Ling” Diokno Olives in 1951. | 

CASA MERCEDES - Proudly Filipino


Housed in Lanai, Makati City is Eala’s rather eclectic shop filled with local and international finds from fashion, home décor, and dining wares. But the famed designer’s new collection has just topped the exuberance that his shop is known for.

www.rhetteala. ph | info.rhetteala@ 

 RHETT EALA  - Proudly Filipino


Martina Bespoke is a social enterprise seeking to revive the lost art and craftsmanship of handmade Philippine jewelry. The third and fourth generations from a family of jewelers drive the brand to give back by providing livelihood opportunities to local craftsmen and bringing cultural pride to keep the tradition of handcrafted Philippine jewelry alive.

Facebook and Instagram: @martinabespoke 

MARTINA 1 - Proudly Filipino


Jor-el Espina is an Ilonggo designer who works with local weavers. He created the famous “Bomberong” a unique and modern jacket line inspired by the traditional barong. He is fascinated by weaving designs, especially the embroideries.

Instagram: @jorel.espina   

JOR EL ESPINA.jpg - Proudly Filipino


Marvel at the work of international accessory designer Arnel Papa as he melds Philippine indigenous elements, sourced throughout the archipelago, into his works. He combines carabao horns, dark kamagong, coco shells, wood, mother-of-pearl, and capiz with brass and copper materials to create accessories fit for a Maharlika.

(02) 729 0181 | | Instagram: @ arnelpapa   Arnel Papa - Proudly Filipino


Mike and Banj Claparols, the owners of Creative Definitions, have a story of shared craft and values that continue to bring world-class Negrense products to the local market. They now strive to innovate and open more opportunities for Negrense craftsmen with hopes to inspire weavers, encourage more support for farmers and feeding programs in Kabankalan, and raise awareness among buyers to support locally made fabrics.

0917 874 5868 | Facebook: @creativedef | |   

Creative Definitions - Proudly Filipino


Zarah Juanproducts ignite joy and love not only because they are beautiful but also because they are proudly made by local artisans. Zarah Juan uses local and indigenous materials helping communities, such as the weavers from Isabela, Ilocos Sur, Abra, Marawi, Cavite, and Banaue, to name a few. Zarah Juan believes that buying from your local artisans not only spark joy in our hearts but also inspire local prosperity.

Instagram: @zarahjuan |

ZARAH JUAN 1 - Proudly Filipino


In April, 2011, a livelihood group was formed with the ladies of Aya’s Gawad Kalinga community in Multinational, Parañaque. They are now a steady group of 26 creating many different handcrocheted items from local yarn in eye-catching and colorful combinations. Milvidas, meaning “a thousand lives,” is a label that represents the dream of making a difference. The hope is to make possible Milvidas’ mission: Bridging lives, building dreams, bringing color, and individual expression to everyday items one stitch at a time.

(+639) 17 832 0115 | Facebook: @milvidasgk | 

MILVIDAS 1 - Proudly Filipino


Tickled Tripper aims to make an impact in the lives of the local communities in Negros by contributing to their livelihood, helping them achieve self-sufficiency, and allowing them to grow together with the brand. Owning a Tickled Tripper bag simply means you give just as much as you take with every adventure that you make. Tickled Tripper’s Knotty and Nice Collection is handmade with love, knot by knot.

Facebook and Instagram: @tickledtripper |  

TICKLED TRIPPER 1 - Proudly Filipino


Kultura highlights Filipino artistry and craftsmanship. It offers an expansive range of products made from indigenous materials that best reflect Philippine heritage and contemporary culture under three main categories: fashion, home, and souvenirs. Selections include traditional and modern Filipiniana, barongs, pearls and other accessories, artisanal home décor, and novel souvenir items. In line with its corporate social responsibility, Kultura also carries Crafts for a Cause, a special product line that supports various foundations working with marginalized communities.

(02) 808 5421 | Instagram: @ kulturafilipino | Facebook:@ KulturaPH | 

KULTURA - Proudly Filipino


Kaayo, the brand, marries tradition and trends to come up with bespoke pieces that are truly Mindanao, bringing honor to the tribes and Philippine culture. Through the brand that represents the purposeful creations of a modern Filipino entrepreneur who exhibits a deep respect for customs, tradition, and trends, the harmonious juxtaposition of old and modern has become a beautiful reality.

(+639) 17 622 7713 | | Instagram: @ 

KAAYO.PH  - Proudly Filipino

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