CEBU CITY—At least P12-million worth of seized illegal drugs were destroyed by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Central Visayas (PDEA 7) on Friday, November 13.

download 3 - P12 million in seized illegal drugs destroyed by PDEA Central Visayas

          At least a kilo of shabu, 21 kilos of marijuana leaves, ecstasy tablets and expired medicines went up in smoke through thermal destruction at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes.

          In just two months, the PDEA 7 has already destroyed close to P100-million worth of seized illegal drugs.

          Last October 13, more than P80 million of confiscated shabu, marijuana, party drugs and expired medicines were destroyed at the same venue.

          Cosmopolitan has offered its cremation facility for free for the destruction of seized illegal drugs.

          “We’re complying with the orders of the President to destroy seized illegal drugs,” said PDEA 7 Regional Director Levi Ortiz.

          Ortiz assured the public that the PDEA 7 will immediately destroy seized illegal drugs once approved by the court.

          “As much as we would like to destroy all drug evidence right away, we have to wait the approval of the court. What we have destroyed are those with court orders. There are more seized illegal drugs that are with us for safekeeping and we are only awaiting for court orders before we can destroy them,” said Ortiz.

          The destruction of seized illegal drugs is to prove to the public that recycling is not happening, Ortiz said.

          “We have a mechanism to preserve and safekeep the integrity of all evidence,” Ortiz said.

          Ortiz, meanwhile, revealed that the distribution of illegal drugs in Cebu has slowed down.

          “The distribution has slowed down not just because of the pandemic but also because of our aggressive campaign in tandem with the police and other law enforcement agencies,” Ortiz said.

          Ortiz said attempts to sneak in illegal drugs into the province were intercepted due to the strengthened information sharing between the PDEA 7 and other law enforcement agencies.

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