A new documentary on Justin Bieber will premiere on YouTube Originals on Oct. 30.

Ek8thJUXUAEBF8y - New documentary on Justin Bieber’s life out soon
(Justin Bieber / MANILA BULLETIN)

Titled “New Chapter,” the documentary is touted as an “intimate look” into Bieber’s life now.

The documentary will feature Bieber’s wife, Hailey, and industry friends like Chance The Rapper, and Benny Blanco.

In the official trailer, Bieber is seen talking about how he has more “confidence” in his relationships now.

He shared, “There were times when I was really like ‘man, is this pain ever gonna go away?’”

Fans also got to see clips of the Grammy-winning singer working on new music in the trailer.

Earlier this year, the “Holy” hitmaker also released a 10-part docu-series titled “Seasons” which discussed his past struggles.

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