The National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) is celebrating the Museums and Galleries Month by honoring communities of indigenous peoples.

image 2 - Nat’l Museum honors IPs in Museum and Galleries Month
(photo from Jacob Maentz/National Museum of the Philippines)

The National Indigenous Peoples Month is observed every October by virtue of Proclamation No. 1906 signed  on Oct. 5, 2009 by then President Gloria M. Arroyo.

“While we have been featuring for our cover a series of photographs showing you behind-the-scenes of our exhibitions production, we would now want to give credit to those whose knowledge inspire us to gather data, collect material culture, and interpret them in exhibitions, publications, and other public programs,” the NMP said.

 This month, the museum is honoring the late Rosita Caballero, one of the last known kept maidens from  the Panay Bukidnon indigenous community. She died at the age of 73 in 2017. She served as the tribe elder in Barangay Garangan, Calinog, Iloilo.
“While popularly known as veiled and isolated even from the rest of the household from childhood, we would rather focus on women like her who are custodians of their community’s traditional knowledge, including epics, other oral lores, music, and dances,” the NMP said.

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