Conquering the world — the universe rather — with wit and charm is no easy feat to achieve, but Philippine pride Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is owning it, proving to everyone that she’s the epitome of beauty with a purpose.

V2 Smart Signature Toast with MVP and Catriona 1 - Miss Universe Catriona Gray has a new plan

Miss Universe 2018 and Smart Signature endorser Catriona Gray joins PLDT Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan at the official launch of Smart Signature Plans with (from left) Meralco President and CEO Ray C. Espinosa; Smart co-founder and CEO of Voyager Innovations and PayMaya Philippines Orlando B. Vea; PLDT-Smart People Group Head Gina Ordoñez; incoming PLDT-Smart Chief Revenue Officer Al S. Panlilio; PLDT-Smart SVP and Consumer Business Market Development Head Oscar A. Reyes, Jr; and PLDT-Smart Chief Product and Consumer Value Management Advisor Muhammad Ali.

Donning a shimmering gold gown, Catriona recently took a break from her Miss Universe duties and went home from New York City to grace the launch of the new Smart Signature Plans, where she was also welcomed as the newest Smart endorser, leading other celebrities and lifestyle curators as ambassadors.

For the reigning Miss Universe, working with Smart is like being reunited with a family. In 2012, Catriona had also starred in a TV commercial for the digital services provider.

“It feels great because I did my first project with Smart when I was 18 years old. It was a great tie-up and knowing what Smart Signature is, it’s really fitting to what I do,” the beauty queen said.

Designed for busy and on-the-go Filipinos who need to stay connected all the time, the new Smart Signature Plans empowers customers with a prioritized, worry-free, and in-control mobile lifestyle. It comes with generous open data allocations, unlimited calls and texts, data rollover, and other enhanced customer service features.

In this digital era where pretty much everything that needs to be done requires an internet connection and a smartphone, the new Smart Signature Plans is definitely a must-have. Take it from Miss Universe herself.

“With this ever-changing lifestyle that I’m leading as a Miss Universe where I’m doing new things every single day, I need a postpaid plan that can keep up with me and really cater to my needs,” Catriona shared.

“We all lead such different lives and no two people are the same, no two needs are the same. So, Smart Signature has come up with different plans that suit your lifestyle and more importantly, prioritizes you on Smart’s fastest network so you can stay connected whether through data, calls, or texts. This way, you can stay focused on your goals.”

To give subscribers the plan tailored for their lifestyle, Smart Signature offers four SIM-only  plans – Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL) – ranging from Php999 to Php2,999 per month that come with open access data allocations from 10GB to 60GB; worry-free unlimited calls and AnyNet call minutes to PLDT landline and other networks; and unlimited texts to all networks — so you never have to worry about connecting with family, friends, and colleagues on any network.

Modern responsibility

Known for her eloquence, Catriona served some inspiring words when asked about how she handles haters and bashers.

“You know what, no matter who you are and what you do, there are always gonna be people who don’t like or who don’t agree. You just have to realize that most of these people, they don’t know you as a person, they don’t know the depth of who you are, the journey that you lead, so you should never take their criticism of you to that extent,” she said.

And now that different social media platforms have become an avenue to spread online hate, the beauty queen reminded everyone to be conscious of being a responsible mobile and internet user.

“Being a responsible mobile user really means being aware of everything that you’re putting out there because what goes on the internet stays out there and you’ll never know who could be reading it. So whether that means you’re consciously digesting information, make sure the source checked, and read from reliable sources, or if you’re putting out your own content, make sure you do it in a respectful way and push out a message that you feel will contribute to someone,” Gray shared.

Learn more about the Smart Signature Plan perfect for your lifestyle at

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