By Jane Kingsu Cheng and Jessica Pag-iwayan

#Megxit issue is not yet over, but the former Duchess of Susexx, Meghan Markle has found herself again in hot water. Netizens have called her out for awkwardly carrying her eight-month-old baby Archie in an infant carrier while walking with her two dogs. 

Based on the photos circulating online, it seemed like she was having a hard time holding her son on her chest while using baby carrier. And this is something that doesn’t sit well with the netizens, as they worried after the welfare of the child.

Some even said that Meghan should have a lesson with her nanny on how to properly carry her child.

It is unfortunate that the netizens were quick to react to these now-viral photos that only showed a few seconds of their stroll. Though one strap appeared to loose, Meghan was photographed wrapping her arm around her baby to support his neck and head. With one hand holding the leash of her two dogs, she was still quick to react and support the most important part of her baby.

Here are some more reminders to make sure your baby is safe in your arms.

  1. The straps should be tight. This prevents the baby from slipping or falling. Double check that all straps are secure.
  2. All eyes on the babyYou should be able to see your baby at all times, so you can react quickly if needed. Here’s a reminder: your baby should be a kiss away.
  3. Airway is free. Keep your baby’s chin off your chest. Also remember to keep his/her nose off any fabric to avoid airway blockage. 
  4. Keep at least one hand free and on the babyIt is also important that you avoid holding anything hot like coffee.
  5. The baby should always stay uprightShould you need to pick up something from the floor, it is best that you bend on one knee. This position will give you more balance to prevent yourself (and your baby) from falling.

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