By Angela Casco

Being in the city almost always means living a busy, fast-paced, and routinary life. Every minute of a day’s 24 hours matter. This is why any service that can offer new experiences while providing day-to-day needs at a convenient distance is a welcome addition.

Enter Federal Land Inc.’s (FLI) newest lifestyle property, Met Live. Located at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and EDSA Extension in Pasay, the three-story community mall is part of the real estate company’s 36-hectare development project in the Bay Area.

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“For years, we have been building residential hubs. When we started turning over the units, our residents started finding a place where they can go to,” Catherine Ko, executive vice president of FLI, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle during the mall’s launch. “While there are other nearby shopping places, we still need to provide something that is just a walking distance away for their daily needs, hence, a mall to serve the community.”

Standing on the site that was formerly the Blue Wave, this is FLI’s first traditional mall. “Only the mall is conventional, though, because our offers here are carefully curated to what the market needs,” she says. “Compared to [surrounding malls], we’re very small, but it’s complete enough to cater to the immediate needs of the community.”

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NEW VENTURE Executives of Federal Land Inc. lead the launch of their first-ever mall

Combining completeness, accessibility, and variety in one stop, Met Live houses a mix of dining outlets, boutiques, home stores, banks, and a medical clinic for residents in nearby condominium buildings, workers from office spaces at the top of the mall, and visitors.

Taking the Filipinos’ love for malling as inspiration, Ko says the mall’s design is meant to be fool-proof all-year round.

“Blue Wave was an open mall. While it’s interesting, the reality is that we are in the Philippines where it rains half of the year,” she says. “What we did then is we put up an enclosed mall so that no matter the weather, it can still be a place where families and friends can gather.”

This same concept of understanding the market is also key to tenant or store selection. “We can fill this mall with restaurants that cater to a huge population of foreign workers in this emerging market in Pasay, but we did not do that,” Ko says. “We want everybody to have a wide selection that they can choose from.”

As Met Live is for everybody, Ko adds that this is a place “where you can relax. You won’t get stressed when you walk around here. There are always a lot of things you can find.”

On what is next for FLI, Ko says they will open more malls. “We’re opening a mall in 2021 at the Bonifacio Global City,” she says. “That’s a joint venture with Nomura Real Estate and Mitsukoshi Setan, the latter helping us develop, conceptualize, and curate stores.”

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