viber image 2020 01 31 10 39 33 - McDonald’s rolls out chocolate-flavored iced coffee

By Kristelle Bechayda

If you’re like most people who can’t get their day started without a dose of caffeine, you might like to try McDonald’s latest addition to its iced coffee selection.

Earlier this week, the fast food chain introduced the Iced Coffee Chocolate drink to customers. Though it tastes more like chocolate than coffee, this new drink  still gives that much-needed kick you need.

An order of the Iced Coffee Chocolate starts at ₱49, and is available as an upgrade to regular meals. The new flavor has also been infused with previous iced coffee selections. Iced Coffee Sweet Black with Chocolate and Iced Coffee Milky with Chocolate are also available for ₱59 only. | Facebook:

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