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FINANCIAL SERVICE AT ITS FINEST Alvin Lee, Choong Wai Hong, Abigail del Rosario, Dati John Chong, Michael Foong, and B. Ravintharan; Maybank’s first Premier Center

Here’s good news: If you have been putting your trust in Maybank with your high net account for years now, you could be qualified to apply for its new premium bank services.

Maybank recently launched Maybank Premier in the Philippines with its very first Premier Center in the country at the Maybank Ayala Avenue branch along with its new Visa Infinite Card. Maybank also plans to expand Premier Centers even in the southernmost parts of the country. Especially crafted for the bank’s highly valued customers, the personalized banking service curates preferential product offerings, benefits, and privileges to fulfill their banking needs.

visa - Let’s Talk Luxury

The Maybank Visa Infinite Card

Launching Maybank Premier in the Philippines gives the company better presence in the country to provide and support ambitious plans and financial growth. It believes that a more personalized, priority service that’s tailored to a specific lifestyle gives clients a better grip on their financial standing.

Instead of immediately expanding footprints in more developed neighboring countries such as Dubai, and even in the US, Maybank focused on the Philippines for its growth ambition, expansions, and corporate development progress.

There are a lot of banks in the market, but are they recognized for management excellence, or perhaps, have you heard of any operational risk that has tainted their reputation? This is where you give Maybank, a Malaysian-based bank company standing for more than 20 years with over 73 branches in the Philippines, a chance. With a sound reputation from a larger scale—ranking fourth as the largest bank in Southeast Asia by its total assets, Maybank promises Filipinos that it can “turn inspiration to reality.”

“Maybank Group has on-theground presence in all 10 ASEAN countries and our clients can leverage our strong network to access the region and seek in-country as well as intra-region solutions. For instance, Premier clients get to perform their banking needs in the comfort and privacy of our Premier Centers. As economic and business ties within the region continue to strengthen, we are confident that the differentiated ASEAN proposition which Maybank offers will add significant value to our clients,” said president and chief executive officer of Maybank Philippines Incorporated Choong Wai Hong.


Say you’re a business mogul in need of quality assurance in financial security, or a reforming spendthrift, self-confessed Rebecca Bloomwood and you have been glossing through self-help books to help you keep track of your finances—you have to know when it’s time to get a consultation before placing your money someplace unsafe, or going on a credit card debt.

This is where your own Premier relationship manager could come in handy— she will carefully review your financial goals and risk profile, and offer investment and Bancassurance products that can address your financial concerns.

Aside from safeguarding your accounts and helping you become smarter with saving and spending, the bank strategizes solutions so your assets and legacy may grow for generations to come.

The Maybank Premier status also guarantees a convenient, personalized approach where you can perform your banking needs in all Maybank Premier Centers across the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Brunei. Of course, all of these benefits are preferential as Premier clients are entitled to more banking products and services. You will also score exclusive invites to Maybank’s market outlook events.


It’s so easy to get lost in the idea of luxury when you start working and bucket list piles up into real, bigger, pricier things than just a childhood dream of going on a trip to Enchanted Kingdom. You start wishing for your own car, a new condo much closer to your office, and last but not the least, a European trip. For the jetsetter, Maybank also partnered with Visa for a credit card that’s good enough as your travel companion. Getting its Visa Infinite Card gives you cold, hard ownership powers with its luxury benefits. The credit card entitles you to one percent cashback on all your overseas spend, airfare, and accommodations across 18 countries, complimentary airport lounge access,travel protection of up to R10 million, and the lowest conversion fee among all bank foreign currency transactions at 1.65 percent. The card also gives you access to hundreds of golf clubs, over 30,000 hotels, and 24/7 global concierge across the Southeast Asian region.

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