The archaeological sites and petrographs of Lamanok island, an area seven kilometers north of Anda, Bohol, has been officially declared as an Important Cultural Property (ICP) by the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP). 

IMG 6188 - Lamanok island’s petrographs declared important cultural property
Lamanok Island, an area seven kilometers north of Anda Bohol, has been declared as an Important Cultural Property (ICP) by the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP). (Courtesy: National Museum of the Philippines-Bohol) 

In a Facebook post, the NMP-Bohol said Lamanok is the province’s first declared archaeological site.

Dubbed as Bohol’s “cradle of civilization”, the mystical place of Lamanok boasts a richness in beauty and heritage. 

It is known for its lush vegetation and tall limestone cliffs, as well as for the practice of centuries-old customs linked to the island’s rich folklore.

According to the Bohol tourism office, people on the island still believe in making offerings to spirits, “diwata” or deities. 

“To them, making offerings to appease the nature spirits will lead to a bountiful harvest or good catch. This practice is rooted from their ancestral beliefs long before the Spaniards converted the islanders to Catholicism,” it said. 

During the pre-colonial times, Lamanok also served as a holy spot for local priests and medicine men to make offerings to nature spirits. These mystical creatures were often called upon for bountiful harvest or a good catch.

The NMP said an ICP  is defined by Article II Section 3 of Republic Act No. 10066 as referring to a cultural property having exceptional cultural, artistic, and historical significance to the Philippines.

A marker, along with the official declaration, has yet to be placed on the island.

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