Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, together with its new brand ambassador Kris Aquino, surprises three Filipino families with special deliveries just a few weeks before Christmas. With the festive season just around the corner, Shopee started the online initiative, My Shopee 11.11 Christmas Wish, asking users what they wanted to receive this holiday. 

Most wishes were simple, heartwarming, and centered on earning enough to feed their families and sustain their current livelihood. Each of the three families received ₱50,000 in cash, ₱10,000 worth of ShopeePay credits, and a specific wish granted. On November 10, Shopee brand ambassador Kris Aquino personally delivered the gifts right to their doorsteps. 

Ramel Magale, 25

Ramel Magale works in the restaurant delivery service to support his parents and younger siblings. Shopee grants his wish for a motorcycle and can now deliver food to customers easily.  

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Lorna Nonong, 38

Lorna Nonong is a housewife, mother to three children, and caretaker to a relative with special needs. She sells seafood online while her husband works as a family driver. Shopee gave her a refrigerator and sari-sari store package to help support her family during these challenging times. Kris Aquino also donated an extra ₱10,000 cash to help support her relative with special needs.

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Eugenia Peñaranda, 45

Eugenia Peñaranda is a housewife and mother to seven children. She cleans laundry for a living and her husband works as a family driver. Shopee granted her wish of a washing machine to make her work less tedious, school supplies for her children, and a sari-sari store package for an extra source of income. 

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Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “We are more than excited to spread joy and kindness to our Filipino users through My Shopee 11.11 Christmas Wish. Christmas has always been a highly anticipated holiday in the Philippines and we want to take this opportunity to create happy and meaningful memories with our users during this season of giving. We are grateful to have Kris Aquino interact and engage with these families in need and we will continue to come up with initiatives like this to bring joy to the Filipino community and spread the benefits of online shopping to everyone.” 

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