ENHYPEN5 1 - Jungwon chosen as leader of K-pop group ENHYPEN: ‘Let’s work hard together’
ENHYPEN members (clockwise from top left) Jungwon, Heeseung, Sunoo, Jay, Sunghoon, Jake and Ni-ki (Twitter)

Upcoming K-pop boy band ENHYPEN will be debuting on Nov. 30 and before this, the leader of the group was announced.

In a video uploaded on ENHYPEn’s channel on YouTube, the staff of BeLift Lab said, “We’ve decided that ENHYPEN’s leader will be Jungwon.”

“I didn’t know I would become the leader. It feels a little sudden. Now I need to have responsibility. I want to be a leader who doesn’t feel distant to the team. I want all six members to freely offer their opinions and I’ll pitch in, too, so let’s work hard together,” said 16-year-old Jungwon.

The leadership role boiled down to a choice between Heeseung and Jungwon and the agency staff said, “Up until now, we’ve gone through the leader selection process.” The two candidates were selected based on interviews with the members and various tests.

At 19, Heeseung is the oldest member of ENHYPEN and the agency staff explained that “he’s also at the core of our performance.”

“If he becomes the leader on top of that, then how many roles would he have on his shoulders? So we were concerned about whether that would be the right thing for Heeseung and if it’s a good way for Heeseung to do more for the team,” the staff said.

The agency met with Heeseung and Jungwon and asked about their opinions and in the end, Jungwon was chosen as leader.

“I thought I could offer help in more areas If I was in the role of the eldest and a fellow member rather than the leader. So that’s what I discussed with the company. Just because we have one leader, if the rest turn away from their responsibility, then it’s not good,” Heeseung explained.

He added, “We should build leadership together as a team. Each member of the team has to have leadership and take action to help that role, not just with words but really to help the leader out in order for the whole team to succeed. Jungwon’s role will be important but honestly, I feel the role of the other members is even more significant. We can think of it like that.”

Jungwon promised that “since I’ve become the leader, I’ll do my best. Let’s work hard together.”

The other members congratulated Jungwon and they also promised to help in making ENHYPEN a success.

“I’ll aid Jungwon in making ENHYPEN a group where all seven members can openly talk in sharing of his burden among the rest of the members and really devoting himself to the ENHYPEN team going forward,” Sunghoon said.

Jake said Jungwon “is a member I depend on a lot. And now that he’s the leader, I think he’ll grow to be even more reliable. But I think we should all work hard to help him and fulfill the role as members so he doesn’t feel too burdened. I really love him. I think he’ll do well and I’m really looking forward to it.”

According to Sunoo, “I’m happy the leader is Jungwon. I’m really satisfied. I’m proud of him, he’s amazing and this is really nice. The leader position bears a lot of weight. I’m proud that you, who’s even younger than me, are taking that role. A lot will happen for us in the future. I hope you keep that balance as the leader and do well as the core of the group. Fighting.”

“I’m really happy that Jungwon is the leader. We’ll help each other so that Jungwon doesn’t get too tired and work hard for our successful debut. If anything’s bothering you, feel free to talk it out with the members. We love you,” said Ni-ki, the youngest member.

Jay said, “Many things could happen to use that will shake even the strongest people. But I’m not too worried for Jungwon. I think how all the members, including me, support, help and comfort each other will be the key to managing the team. A younger member that I care a lot about is taking on the role of the leader. It’s a little sad since it kind of feels like he’s grown up now but I want to help him as an older member. I’ll help you so I hope you can hang in there.”

“I’ll make us into No. 1 in the world,” Jungwon told the members. ENHYPEN will debut with the release of their first mini-album “Border: Day One” on Nov. 30.

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