1 1103 - Island in the Sun

The golden sunset of Coron, Palawan

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the crystal clear blue sea, the white sand, and the calm wind under the heat of the sun—I open my eyes and I was in a paradise called Malcapuya Island. My heart is at peace.

Coron Island is my home away from home. It is a place I never often get to visit, with the expensive plane fares and schedule to fix. But whenever I get the chance to be in one of the most beautiful islands in Asia, there is always something majestic waiting to be explored.

We started our adventure chasing the sunset at the top of Mt. Tapyas. The sunset after 723 steps to the top was worth the hike. At 210 meters, it is the second tallest mountain in the town of Coron. From the viewpoint, you can see a quiet view of the sun bidding a temporary farewell to Coron Town and Coron Island in the distance. We then proceeded to a sumptuous dinner at View Deck Grill Bar and dessert at Pedro’s Gelato. We couldn’t wait to sail across different islands the next day.

Coron is a small island in Palawan, 30 minutes offshore from the town proper. It makes up the half of Busuanga Island. It is a small fishing town that is becoming a popular tourist destination because of its pristine seas.

Up early on a Saturday, we started our island hopping from the port of Bacau Bay Resort. No need to hire a small boat in Coron Port because you can directly take off from the resort’s own port, which is just a few steps away from your room.

The resort is a four-star hotel in Palawan surrounded by mangroves, giving you your much-needed privacy. If you’re ready for your dose of summer adventure, the wonders of Coron are outside waiting to be explored.

We only have two islands in our itinerary, Waling-waling and Malcapuya. We could’ve chosen to go to other islands we haven’t seen yet but we chose not to miss the enchantment of Kayangan Lake after our quick island hopping.

There was a typhoon somewhere in the country making the seas choppy. The thrill seeker in me was ecstatic until the boat nearly toppled over, which almost threw us out to the sea. But when we arrived at Waling-waling, our stress paid off.

We started our adventure chasing the sunset at the top of Mt. Tapyas. The sunset after 723 steps to the top was worth the hike.

Waling-waling island’s glorious sand bar welcomed us. It is just a small island—more a beach really than an island. During low tide, it reveals its scenic white sand bar protruding into the ocean. A view deck was built at its center giving you a breathtaking sight of the turquoise sea surrounding its shores. If you want a little bit of time for yourself, you can go to the back of the island, which is a more secluded place that also has a powdery white sand beach.

7 400 - Island in the Sun

The crystal clear waters of Waling-Waling

2 1130 - Island in the Sun

At Waling-waling Island’s view deck, you can see the beautiful islands surrounding Coron

After an hour, we headed to our next destination: Malcapuya island. We had the picture-perfect stretch of white sand to ourselves. We spent our lunch there and just savored the place. There was really nothing much to do there except to appreciate its beautiful scenery, bright blue and green waters, and the white sand.

The last stop before heading back is known as one of the clearest lakes in Asia: Kayangan Lake. This gem is one of the most beautifully stunning places I have ever seen, always enchanting every time you look at it. All the photographs of it don’t do the lake justice. You have to see it firsthand. Before heading home, we had a quick swim in the cold and refreshing lagoon.

3 1345 - Island in the Sun

Postcard beauty of Kayangan Lake;

We went back to the hotel to have an al fresco dinner at Amihan Restaurant and a relaxing traditional hilot (massage) from Alon Spa.

With relaxed muscles, we retreated to our rooms in Bacau Bay Resort Coron. The resort features 81 air-conditioned rooms that range from 32 to 144 square meters, with enough space for families and groups. Although Each room comes with free Wi-Fi access and a cable TV, I would suggest that you indulge instead in the quiet and calm of the resort—a perfect digital detox.

5 633 - Island in the Sun

Bacau Bay Resort has an exclusive private pier that makes island hopping adventures for guests hassle-free

6 514 - Island in the Sun

One of the rooms at the resort

4 818 - Island in the Sun

Bacau Bay Resort is a home away from home in Coron

The next day, we decided to just chill and relax at the hotel. Aside from its own port, it boasts of a nine-foot swimming pool for divers, as well as a pool for kids and adults. It also has a palaruan (play room) for kids, which features Filipino games, a recreational area, a ballroom, and meeting rooms. The hotel’s other food and beverage outlets are Isla Pool Bar, Pugon Café, and Serena Pier Bar.

In the afternoon, we heard Sunday massatSan Agustin Parish church, thanking God for witnessing His majesty in everything we saw during our short trip. |FB and IG: @bacaubayresortcoron

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