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The International Day of Education is celebrated every Jan. 24, first celebrated last year. The international observance day emphasizes the human right to education, enshrined in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The United Nations’ official statement during the first celebration noted: “By proclaiming the International Day of Education, UN member states recognized the importance of working to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education at all levels—so that all people may have access to lifelong learning opportunities that help them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to access opportunities to participate fully in society and contribute to sustainable development.”

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Today we toast to education! And with that, we leave you with Malcolm X's words: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." #internationaldayofeducation2020 #MBYouth

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In the Philippines, many Filipino children have lack of access to quality education that will prepare them for the modern workforce and push the country in the direction of sustainable development.

We talked to several industry disruptors who have devoted themselves to aiding the Filipino youth by improving the accessibility and quality of education around the country.

What changes in the local education sector do you expect to see in 2020?

DELGADO Clarissa 2019 1 - International Day of Education

As one of DepEd’s longest standing partners, Teach for the Philippines is sharing our on-the-ground information, our data, and is working alongside the Department to make this strategy successful. Uplifting education quality in the Philippines has been, after all, our commitment for 20 years. Apart from continuing to support the DepEd in its quest to re-focus its investments on education quality, one of the exciting things Teach for the Philippines will be working on is to continue to steep our work more deeply into the history of our country. We have also made a commitment to further investing in wellness and mental health. Both these areas of interest have come from the desires and experiences of our community and team members, and I am in solidarity with the push to see us talk more openly about this as a country.—Clarissa Delgado, CEO of Teach for the Philippines

Alex Eduque - International Day of Education

It is really promising to see that the government has been much more pro-active now as compared to when I first started. And I am talking about not only education as a whole, but most especially in the area of early childhood education. As we have progressed, we have encountered a ‘good problem’: We have had to evolve our mission. In some communities, where there are more progressive local government leaders, we have found that what we do is somewhat redundant already. In those cases, we have evolved to be trainers. We are in the process of preparing a self-authored curriculum to aid what is already there, to help the teachers. It has been great promise in that realm, and I feel like a lot of emphasis has been drawn to early childhood education.—Alex Eduque, chairwoman and founder of MovEd

Edukasyon Henry Motte Munoz - International Day of Education

We hope to see more senior high school students (Grades 11 and 12) empowered to make their transition into higher education, which includes college or techvoc. We believe senior high is a critical time for students to understand their interests, skills and needs and, through our platform and partners, we want to help these students discover tracks, schools, courses, and career paths best suited to them and will lead to a bright future. We encourage all senior high schoolers to signup on to experience our revamped platform and access insider knowledge and resources that will guide their own decision making.—Henry Motte-Muñoz, CEO and founder of

Eleanor Pinugu - International Day of Education

I believe that the education sector will continue to put more emphasis on the social and emotional learning of a child and in looking after the wellbeing of the teachers and staff. These past two years, we’ve seen the considerable growth in the attention and importance given to topics like mental health, diversity, and inclusive classrooms. I believe that school leaders will continue to invest more resources in developing school programs that promote educational and social competence, alongside creating a school environment that provides both students and staff access to multi-tiered networks of support and guidance.—Eleanor Pinugu, executive director and cofounder of Mano Amiga Philippines

Habi Education Lab Clifton Esteban - International Day of Education

Lots of exciting things for the coming year. We’re imagining a new society where learning is part of everyday life.—Clifton Esteban, growth director and co-founder of Habi Education Lab

Bernice Dy - International Day of Education

We’re looking to keep doing what we’ve been doing these past years and more. We find ourselves working with partners and together we design learning experiences that best serve the lab’s purpose.—Bernice Dy, operations manager and co-founder of Habi Education Lab

Habi Education Lab Gerson Abesamis - International Day of Education

Stretching ourselves when we mean ‘learning’. Looking at ways to redesign not just formal schooling, but also informal and non-formal learning. Supporting organizations to become learning experience designers themselves. Collaborating with more schools of diverse contexts from early childhood to adult learning. More delightful and meaningful learning for everyone!—Gerson Abesamis, executive director and co-founder of Habi Education Lab

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