President Duterte has ordered authorities to simplify the distribution of government assistance to the people affected by the coronavirus pandemic in a bid to hasten the process.

ARMN5 1024x682 - Hasten, simplify distribution of gov’t aid to the people — Duterte
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte talks to the people after holding a meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) core members at the Matina Enclaves in Davao City on October 26, 2020.

According to the President, concerned state agencies and local government units should “do away with the delay” and ensure the social amelioration program swiftly reaches the intended beneficiaries.

Duterte has expressed concern over the tedious process in the distribution of the government’s aid program that only prolongs the suffering of the people in need.

“What I would like to happen is this: Simplify the giving of the money by asking for a proposal, then that proposal should not be studied by days or by months. You just review it and if it says that it’s for food, you give it because it’s for food, kakainin ‘yan,” he said during his public address Tuesday.

“And all assistance connected with the health of a person o ano, ibigay ninyo (give it to them). Do away with delay,” he said.

Duterte said he has already assigned the national task force against COVID-19 to oversee the fund disbursement of the social assistance program.  He reminded the task force that he will no longer tolerate any delay in the aid distribution, saying the people need food to survive.

“Ito bang pagbigay ng pera, ‘yan ang ayaw ko sa lahat ‘yung delay. Kagaya ng assistance,  iyang assistance kailangan pagkain nandiyan kaagad (On the distribution of cash subsidy, I don’t want any more delay. Like the food assistance, it must swiftly be made available),” he said.

Duterte described the delay in the aid distribution as “obnoxious.” He noted that some provinces were asked to submit proposals on the aid distribution which were then placed under review for days.

“I don’t know if it’s a local government who’s doing it or the money passed on to the local government to do the distribution or implementation. I do not know where the fault lies because it’s really something which is obnoxious,” he said.

He insisted that concerned government agencies should focus on giving the subsidy as soon as they can without burdening the recipient areas with unnecessary paperwork. 

The government has distributed cash subsidies to low income families and displaced workers affected by the pandemic. The funds,  sourced from the Bayanihan law, aimed to help the affected sectors cope with the coronavirus quarantine that weakened the economy in recent months.

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