The following labels have stood the test of scrutiny for their ethos, giving you style and giving back at the same time.

H&M Conscious Collection
H&M has truly upped its game with its annual Conscious collection that only renders clothing created from recycled fabrics, proving that fast fashion can be green, too. As a way of giving back to nature, this collection aims to cut on carbon footprint and waste disposal that eventually pollutes our waters by recycling tons of used and unwanted clothing and making use of natural and organic materials. With vision “to lead the change toward a circular and renewable fashion industry while being a fair and equal company,” H&M imbibes the sustainable fashion concept.HM 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

Kate Spade New York
The high-end fashion line known for its iconic handbags aims to empower women by getting suppliers that only employ women in the field. The company, which has been smashing patriarchy right off the bat, launched On Purpose in the belief that women can transform community and create social impact if they are financially and personally stable. A step above their per-product donation approach, the brand tapped an artisan manufacturing community Abahizi Rwanda, now composed of 200 women from East Africa working full-time with competitive salaries, to sew and design Kate Spade bags.

KATE SPADEEE 2 - Good Brands That Do Good

The brand famous for its espadrille slip-ons is among the pioneers of sustainability and ethics in the name of retail. Their “One for One” business model helps improve lives by providing shoes to those in need for every customer’s purchase of a pair. Coveting its eyewear collection is also one way you can support its cause as it provides a full eye exam and treatment to visually-impaired individuals. A purchase of Toms bag also supports the Giving Partners Foundation in delivering vital materials and training for safe childbirth for people in over 70 countries. Go ahead and cop a pair (and another for the barefoot friend from the other side of the world) without the splurging guilt. It’s for a good cause after all!

TOMS 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

This highly-coveted handbag and accessory designer line is always known for its humanitarian efforts through the Coach Foundation. With advocacies such as helping teenage girls from the wrong side of the tracks to get the education and treatment they deserve by partnering with Step Up Foundation, to launching Dream It Real, an initiative to help the next generation achieve their life-long dreams through trainings and the provision of resources.

coach 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

Vivienne Westwood
Although known for her luxury pieces that ooze a tough exterior with new wave aesthetics and rebellious punk allure, the designer is in no way a villain in the fashion scene. She has numerous charity works and foundations. Over the years, her brand has supported causes such as AIDS and HIV research, green peace movements, conservation, disaster relief, poverty, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, goal-reaching programs, and human rights.

vivienne 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

The Body Shop
True to its tagline, The Body Shop is inspired by nature and the commitment to spread positivity through its philosophy, Enrich Not Exploit (regular shoppers know the feeling of elation every time they sign a petition). It is known in the industry as a successful pioneer of brand activism for many years, campaigning for an array of social causes such as anti-sex trafficking, anti-violence, and anti-animal testing. The Body Shop’s Community Trade campaign has been supporting marginalized communities for 30 years now by giving them a fair amount of wages and also sustaining their farming processes and livelihood.

body shop 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

Burt’s Bees
A skincare line that provides TLC for the dry and chapped apparently gives the same amount of TLC to those in need and to bees. Burt’s Bees launched the Greater Good Foundation to support non-profit organizations and initiatives campaigning for humanitarian and honeybee conservation. This also aims to promote ecological balance between humans and bees (kind of like this animated movie you may have heard of)—their way of living = our livelihood.

burts bees 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

Human Nature
Born out of its love for the country, nature, and compassion for others, local beauty brand Human Nature boasts of its 100 percent chemical-free products and advocacies promoting kindness. Its campaign called the Goodness Rising is an initiative, with the traditional community value bayanihan in mind, to help rebuild homes for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda that struck Ormoc in 2013. Their current goal is to build 50 homes for refugees affected by the Marawi siege between Philippines’ government security forces and militant groups in 2017. You can help fund Human Nature’s cause by buying a bottle of Bug Shield insect repellent line and 100 percent of its proceeds will go to the home developments.human nature 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

In the world of skincare and beauty, Lush is something else entirely. From its organic products to its quirky eco-friendly packaging (or none at all), the brand doesn’t fall short of full support for the nature and community. The artisan shop is notable for its Charity Pot project that gives 100 percent of fund raised money to grassroots organizations around the world focusing on human rights, environmental causes, and animal protection. Customers must keep an eye out for products with Charity Pot product labels and information representing the beneficiary they want to support so they know where their money is going.

charity pot 1 - Good Brands That Do Good

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