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As we welcome the new decade, we also usher in new talents— fresh graduates from the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship for Fashion, Arts, and Design (ICEFAD) who have the potential to shape the future of Philippine fashion. The school recently presented its young fashion design graduates and their brands through five-piece collections at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall Grand Atrium.


Marionne Jewel 2 - Fresh Fash


“My aesthetic is timeless mystique, timeless in the sense that it is classic and not limited to a particular period, and mystique because my work exudes a fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power. My collection is called ‘Première,’ which is French for first, and is inspired by contradiction—chaos and beauty intertwined. I’m thankful that I am in the right school. It has equipped me with the teachings that will allow me to face the fashion industry.”


Clarice 2 1 - Fresh Fash


“My collection is called ‘Young and Menace,’ inspired by a song about how reckless and dark the young generation is, how attached we are with the strings of love, sex, and media. In creating this collection, I interpreted the song by using strings that represent attachments. ICEFAD taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and become more confident in my designs and my art. It has opened so many doors for me and has unleashed my creative side even more.”


Blessed Joy - Fresh Fash


“My collection is ‘More Than Rubies’ and it focuses on motherhood. The all-white collection is a symbol for how pure a mother’s love is, inspired by my own nanay, my backbone and my best friend. My creative journey with ICEFAD opened my eyes and my heart to the many possibilities out there. The process molded me to be the creative fashion entrepreneur I have always wanted to be, especially in knowing my aesthetic, building my brand, learning techniques, and applying it in the real world.”



“The title of my collection is ‘Reawakening.’ It is about friendship and sacrifice. I was inspired while reading a love story. My favorite experience in making this collection was seeing it come to life, from base sketch to rendering, patternmaking, and, finally, the finished garment. My creative journey has been a roller coaster, but it was a great one! ICEFAD has helped me shape my brand and learn how I can turn it into a living.”


Isabel Laohoo 3 - Fresh Fash


“My collection, ‘Jailbird,’ is a play on the song. I was inspired by how life is perfectly imperfect, how it doesn’t always have to be fair, and not everything has to be even. That is why my collection has silhouettes of unevenness. ICEFAD taught me everything from the basics to advance techniques that I need to pursue a career in fashion. Ever since I stepped in the doors of ICE, I have always looked forward to finishing this creative journey!”


Salamanque 2 - Fresh Fash


“My collection is named ‘Venerate,’ which means to look into something with feelings of respect and appreciation. My collection is inspired by Victorian Era fashion, the layers and cuts of classic Victorian gowns and suits, crafted with a modern twist. ICEFAD honed my skills and capabilities as a fashion designer, helping me become a designer who envisions pieces that will empower those who wear them.”


Leilani Kate Yalung 2 - Fresh Fash


“My graduation collection is titled ‘Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa.’ The Philippine symbols inspired me to create modern Filipino designs that cater to the younger generations, putting a twist to the traditional Philippine costumes to give them a modernized, sophisticated look. My experience in this creative journey is not as simple as it looks. ICEFAD taught me all the things I needed to know to be able to design, create, and produce extraordinary pieces.”


Norman Abing - Fresh Fash


“My collection is titled ‘Farewell Atlantis.’ It is mostly about detaching our beliefs from the ideals of life, and embracing the randomness and complexity of everything that surrounds us. ICEFAD paved the way for me to develop my full potential as a designer. The school and my mentors helped me expand my theoretical concepts of art and design into multi-functional garments. Most of all, I gained a second family with my instructors and classmates.”


Camilla Damo - Fresh Fash

By CAMILLA DAMO “I have always wanted to dress women in ways that will allow them to feel confident and proud of themselves. My graduation collection, ‘For Her,’ is dedicated to the unheard voices of those constantly hiding their pain, to the women who try to keep a strong façade for everyone. The experience of making this collection was very personal and detail oriented, which is why every piece has its own story. My creative journey with ICEFAD was fast, but I can say that I have learned a lot about what it takes to survive in a fashion business environment.”


Joe Figueroa - Fresh Fash

By JOE FIGUEROA “My collection is called ‘A Knight of Frenzy.’ It is inspired by the death of Joan of Arc, how she was accused of being crazy for hearing voices in her head, but still won her battles. I want my collection to remind us that our knight in shining armor was once a woman. ICEFAD has taught me so much about how to make clothes, and how to turn them into a business.”


Austeen Soriano 2 - Fresh Fash


“Fashion design is my passion in life. My style is about both the symmetry and asymmetry of garments. I like the idea of breaking down traditional garments while still imbibing the feeling of its original silhouette. My collection is titled ‘Layag’, inspired by the garments of fishermen across the globe, and also representing my maiden voyage as a fashion designer.”

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