Studies have shown that humans around the world are consuming earth’s natural resources more than what it can produce annually. In fact, Global Footprint Network reported that last July 29, people had already used up earth’s resources and that all energy we are using for the rest of the year is no longer sustainable. Aside from this, there’s also industrial farming and animal agriculture that emit greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

That’s why it is no surprise that for years now, the call for change of lifestyle to advocate for sustainable living is one of the most pressing issues. And to answer this call, Sheraton Manila hotel has introduced a holistic approach to sustainable dining. In partnership with Nurture Farmacy, Sheraton acquired 300 square meters of farmland in Tagaytay where they plant some of their vegetables, herbs, and spices.


Sheraton Farm, a 300-sqm exclusive land patterned to their brand logo

Named as Sheraton Farm, this a home to some superfood plants such as kale, corn, and other green leafy vegetables. Also, this land is boasting about their organic, pesticides-free way of growing their crops. With this, the hotel is giving life to their farm-to-table advocacy that aims to promote positive impact not just on a person’s individual health but also in the community as a whole. Sheraton Manila unveils Sheraton Farm in Tagaytay so that diners can experience real farm-to-table healthy eating

“We realized the responsibility that we have on ensuring that we promote sustainability, promote our responsibilities as we become global,” Anna Vegara, Sheraton Manila Hotel’s general manager, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Our advocacy is to further develop the farm-totable concept and bring it to a level where it impacts the local community, health, and the environment.” Anna also says that they are hoping to integrate leading economic sustainability efforts in all of their supply chains and to partner with suppliers who share the same advocacies and goals they have, just like the Nurture Farmacy.

Mouth watering plant-based food

For some time now, plant-based food diet or popularly known as vegan diet has been penetrating the local market. People are now becoming more aware and concerned about the food they eat, and where it comes from.

And to make healthy choices available for their guests, Sheraton’s executive chef Kiko Santiago, creates a delicious, mouth-watering food menu that is plant-based and a good alternative to meat.


Crispy fried kale with plant-based longganisa-tomato salad

“We want to eliminate the stigma that healthy eating, or vegetables is dull,” Kiko says. “We go back to basics, switching the meat in well loved dishes to plant-based but still with the same enticing flavors.”

First on the chef’s list is a hearty kale salad with plant-based longganisa mixed in tomato salsa. And for those who want to go green but don’t want to miss signature Filipino dishes, Sheraton’s chefs also cook meat-free sinigang, embotido, and pancit bihon.


Plant-based “beef” sinigang

If you’re wondering how one can eat sinigang without meat, they use soy protein as the alternative. Made from soybean, this has no cholesterol, packed with nutrients that boost the body’s energy production and strengthen the immune system.

And to make sure there’s a dish for everyone, especially for the kids, they also offer spaghetti with dairy-free daiya cheese. This cheesy, yet sweet spaghetti will surely entice kids to eat more even though they are not really into eating vegetables. For dessert, the hotel’s customers will enjoy guilt-free treat in classic cheesecake. To make it sweet, instead of regular sugar, the chefs are using stevia, a plant-based sweetener that has no calories.


Stevia Cheesecake

All of these healthy food choices have been available since Sept. 15. To further encourage and help everyone to eat healthy, and to break the notion that going green is expensive, Sheraton even made these dishes affordable and every order is also good for sharing. “This will be a special menu available for a la carte. We hope that people from all walks of life will appreciate the food, healthy food choices,” Anna says.

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