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By Paola Navarette

Images by Noel Pabalate

Coffee shops have a certain atmosphere to them that immediately brings a sense of comfort even if one has just stepped inside.

For some, it may be the smoky aroma of freshly brewed coffee or the savory scent of a dish. For others, it’s the location or even the “Instagramworthy” interiors. The best of them offer all of the above.

The Philippines is home to one of the best—Coffee Project. It recently ranked 24th in Big Seven Travel’s 50- point list of the most Instagrammable coffee shops in the world. The first branch opened at Starmall Alabang in 2014. Coffee Project was a dream that businessman Manny Villar wanted to fulfill not only for himself but also for coffee aficionados all over the country. The idea was to create a destination that tickles the fancy and satisfies discerning palates, carving out a niche different from generic high-street cafés.

Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after brands in the metro, and has aggressively expanded all the way to Bataan and Pampanga.

Villar’s venture into coffee shops was unanticipated—a move different from his usual real estate businesses—yet it proves to be a successful enterprise, having opened 37 branches in a short span of time.

From its well-sectioned spaces to its well-seasoned food, here are the reasons you should visit and revisit Coffee Project.

Everyone is welcome, especially students and professionals

The spacious shop is open from 7 a.m. to midnight and has nooks for individuals cherishing their alone time, long tables for groups that are meeting, and comfortable sofas for those just hanging out.

Each outlet is different in design and character, as if trying to top the last one, but what the branches have in common is they are spaces conducive to co-working and meetings.

The café offers two-hour WiFi access for a single-receipt purchase, and has sockets at each table. Guests can also rent out conference areas for functions and gatherings. Some branches even offer free parking.

Should you need a location for a photo shoot, the branch at Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Piñas has you covered. To inquire, just leave a message on their Facebook page.

Each nook is a picture-perfect corner

Untitled 2 9 - Five reasons you’ll love the world’s 24th most Instagrammable coffee shopCoffee Project offers a warm and cozy ambiance

Coffee Project is an oasis of calm. While the café bursts with details from every angle—lights, plants, vintage bicycles mounted on walls, and framed inspirational quotes—they make you feel at home. Visiting any branch will compel you to unwind, to bask in the beautiful indoor garden, and of course, to take pictures.

It’s a dieter’s dream

coffee project - Five reasons you’ll love the world’s 24th most Instagrammable coffee shopHave a guilt-free caffeine fix with Coffee Project’s ketogenic coffee options 

They offer ketogenic (low carb and high fat) options on their menu. Bulletproof coffee, which combines coffee, oil, and butter, is popular among the shop’s customers. Taken at breakfast in lieu of a meal, this creamy, naturally sweetened beverage can help you feel full and eventually lose weight. It also improves your mental focus, and maintains energy levels throughout the morning. It is available for ₱190, or you may add five pesos for added cream on top. It’s perfect with the signature salads, such as California Kani Salad, Caesar Salad, and Greek Salad.

Eat breakfast any time of the day

MG 7597 - Five reasons you’ll love the world’s 24th most Instagrammable coffee shopBeef Tapa

Coffee Project offers a wide range of all-day breakfast meals such as cult-favorite Garlic Longganisa, tasty Beef Tapa, and a fully loaded Continental Breakfast consisting of sausages, waffles, bacon, and egg with brioche. There are also sandwiches like Clubhouse Sandwich, German Sausage Sandwich, Tuna Melt Sandwich, Spam and Egg Sandwich, and Bacon Four Cheese Sandwich.

You can develop good habits for sustainability with their eco-friendly items

If you’re committed to a sustainable lifestyle or want to start one, Coffee Project has a range of eco-friendly promotional products aptly called “Project Cares.” Items like metal straws, mugs, eco-bags, and tumblers are available at all outlets. The project is a partnership with World Wide Fund (WWF). For every purchase of the Coffee Project metal straw and tote bag, a portion of the proceeds will be forwarded to WWF’s efforts.

Bringing your own Coffee Project Klean Kanteen tumbler is a great way to enjoy your favorite drink. As an incentive, you will be given the choice of getting ₱15 off your drink or donating it to WWF’s anti-plastic campaign.

In a bid to promote the importance of sustainable dining, Coffee Project recently launched eco-sleeves, which are available for only ₱99 or ₱60 upon purchase of any drink.

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