Back in 2013, Tyffanie Short, CEO and founder of One Earth Organics, started concocting beauty products out of her own kitchen. Too early a single mom, she provided a good life for her son by never taking a day off from her passions. Eventually, her love for beauty gave birth to her very own homegrown brand.

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Tyffanie Short

“One Earth Organics is really all about inspiration, hope, and empowerment,” says Tyffanie. “It’s really not just about selling beauty products. I also have my own insecurities as a woman, and I tried to avoid these by using chemical-based products. Back in 2012, we didn’t really have a lot of organic and natural products. These days, I think that addressing my insecurities by using healthier skincare would be a better option. Making organic products available would, therefore, be helpful to women of today who are undergoing crises similar to mine.”

Seven years later, One Earth Organics has over 30 products under its name. From skin whitening creams to anti-aging serums, the brand has blossomed into a full organic skincare brand with a commitment to superior quality, ingredients, and solutions.

“We develop products that aim to be organic solutions targeting common skincare problems, specifically those that are extremely difficult to treat,” she says. “Our products range from the most common to the most unique skincare items. We choose the finest raw materials and the purest oils, aside from truly organic and natural ingredients.”

In this exclusive interview, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle chats with Tyffanie about her inspirations in life, brand visions, and new product line.

How did you start One Earth Organics?

I was trying different beauty products for my skin concerns. These did not really address my skin problems, like dark underarms and psoriasis. One day, I just had an idea: I researched about plant-based ingredients, seed oils, essential oils. I wanted to come up with products that did not have harmful chemicals. I thought that a lot of women would be able to relate with skin insecurities. My One Earth Organics journey started there.

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Where did you first sell your products?

I am so thankful for Instagram because it was the first sales platform I encountered. Seriously, all my friends laughed at me whenever I posted my underarm and face pictures. Their comments, however, were not going to feed my son, so I thought to myself that I might as well do it.

We launched the Underarm Set,and it sold out fast. I was surprised to get a lot of messages from people I didn’t even know.

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How did your brand, products, and the whole business evolve?

We now have almost 30 products. The whole skincare line, it’s really not a lot, but I am sure that each product we put out is multifunctional. They also target a woman’s specific beauty problems. I didn’t really want to develop products for the sake of packaging or smell. I’m guilty as well, you know: Certain women would buy something when it smells good, or when it is endorsed by celebrities.

To all the women out there, it’s time to embrace those insecurities and flaws. You will never ever be defined by those insecurities. There are so many ways to enhance yourself, to make yourself feel good. Start by embracing all of you. —Tyffanie Short

It must have been because I worked to put out good products that I got feedback from people I didn’t know. They loved the products, and they wanted to become resellers and distributors. Thus, I opened the doors of my company via a direct selling business model. I was encouraged to share the business opportunity with other women and other people.

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What message did you want to communicate with women?

What I’m most proud of about the brand is not just the highly effective products but the brand story. This opens women to the idea that nothing is impossible. I’m a single mom who was only dreaming about this brand, and now it is here.

I believe we’re one of those brands that paved the way for women to openly discuss their insecurities, and encourage others by saying that it’s normal to have insecurities. Everybody has insecurities, and you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

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What are your favorite items from One Earth Organics?

I have many favorites. The first one is the Underarm Set. I started with this product, and I myself use it. Second, our Illumina Soap, which I cannot live without. It’s a moisturizing and brightening soap that I bring everywhere I go. There’s also the Illumina Whitening Body Scrub that gives you an instant smoothing effect through the use of orange extract. Another one is the Miracle Light Advanced Serum, an anti-aging product enriched with vitamin C. Miracle Light is also a brightening serum that can help you get away without wearing any foundation. Lastly, I love our new product, the Beauty Blends 5D.

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What is Beauty Blends 5D?

One Earth Organics Beauty Blends 5D is the Philippines’ first organic DIY beauty serum package with five solutions. Each is created to address a specific cosmetic concern. The serums can be purchased individually or as a set, and be combined to address a wider range of beauty problems. Beauty Blends 5D is available at Watsons, which is committed to offer diverse and healthy products. | Facebook and Instagram: @OneEarthOrganicsBeauty

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