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Filipinos are known for strongly valuing, prioritizing, and cultivating relational bonds, particularly within the family, and most especially with their children. Filipino parents always want the best for their children and want to make sure they work with them hand-in-hand in helping them achieve their dreams and ambitions. This includes playing an important role in providing the right knowledge, education, and skills they need for a financially secure future.

HSBC has built roots in the Philippines for over 143 years and has invested in the Filipino people. “We care for the Filipinos and the future of every child in the Philippines,” says HSBC president and CEO Graham FitzGerald, “and this is why we are bringing to the Philippines, a global project commissioned in the UK where award-winning children’s book author Emma Dodd, took the traditional gender roles found in popular fairy tale books and added a twist where they no longer rely on a prince to save them.”

HSBC Philippines launched a social media campaign where random kids were asked about their future, which was the springboard to the campaign. The book twists the traditional fairy tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel so that the princesses no longer rely on Prince Charming to save them. Instead, it’s their financial acumen that gets them through, setting a positive example for both young girls and boys about the potential of women and girls to achieve their financial goals themselves.

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The video features real kids capturing their candid and real answers and reactions. What makes it more engaging is it also involved their parents as they see from their child’s eyes, their kids’ aspirations, and ambitions. An eye-opener for their parents and realization on how they can help make their children’s future dreams a reality. To date, the Facebook video campaign has reached over 500,000 Filipinos and has achieved a high engagement rate of 10.57 percent (vs 9.06 percent Philippine Industry benchmark).

This video was also used in cinema advertisement at select premium cinemas in the country in time for the showing of Captain Marvel, which also is a representation of women empowerment.

To complement the video campaign and reinforce the education on financial independence, HSBC Philippines hosted a Family Day for HSBC staff with a children’s party theme, as well as inviting Premier clients and their children for a children’s party at HSBC Bonifacio Global City and Alabang branches. Entitled “Live Happily Ever After,” modern-day princesses Cindy, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty graced our events by singing and dancing with the children. The kids feasted on kiddie snacks, and delightfully listened to the Fairer Tale book read to them by their modern-day princesses.

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MODERN DAY PRINCESSES Cindy, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty teaching kids about financial independence; Patrick Carlos, HSBC Savings president, along with HSBC Alabang branch team, the princesses, and little guests.

Games revolving around how to save and grow savings were also enjoyed by the kids who showed eagerness and enthusiasm in starting to build their own savings early. The children also were shown how easy it is to deposit their ‘saved cash’ in HSBC machines, and in fact, the kids tried using these machines themselves.

“We believe it is through storytelling that we can set a positive example for our young children,” says HSBC head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Peter Faulhaber.

Everyone went home with their own starters—an HSBC piggy bank, a fun way to teach children to save up early and reach for their dreams.

Even at an early age, children need to develop the skills to help choose between different career and education options and manage any discretionary funds they may have, whether from allowances or part-time jobs. Having early discussions on the value of money and how to work hard will save them in the future.

When young people understand how to manage money, they are equipped with a skill that is key to making their dreams a reality.

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