The first few months of the year is an ideal time to channel vibrant energy into our homes. Get practical tips for detoxifying your living spaces, making way for clarity and peace, when Healthy Options, the Philippines’ leading all-natural products store, presents “Healthy Home Makeover” featuring Sara Black, a meditation coach, yoga enthusiast, and plant-based nutrition advocate. The event can lead people towards a positive direction when it comes to decluttering, restoring energy, and regaining balance in their lives.

Sara Black close up photo 1 - Declutter, de-stress, and detox your home


The ‘Healthy Home Makeover’ with Sara Black will unfold on Jan. 25, 2020, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Healthy Options in Glorietta 2, Makati City. The talk kickstarts the year-long series of events marking Healthy Options’ 25th anniversary.

The meditation coach will share ways to create peaceful living spaces, choose natural cleaning products, and practice effective mindfulness. The talk will serve as a launching pad to understanding and set the stage for individuals not only to create a cleaner, more cheerful, and more inviting home environment but also to attain inner calm and energy. Black believes that with some tried-and-tested practices, tools, and techniques, people can gain clarity and enjoy more inspired living.

Listen to the meditation and radiant energy coach share an effective declutter plan of action in areas of the home in order to spur or enhance health and vitality. Registration is ongoing, and interested individuals may drop a message at or at mobile number 0917-8098479. Healthy Options members may attend the session for free; simply register online at Healthy Options Gold members may bring one (1) companion. Non-members need not miss out on the opportunity to glean empowering insights by booking at any Healthy Options store for only P500.

Sara Black has authored two books, “When I Look in the Mirror” featuring a series of extreme close-up portraits of real women with facial imperfections; and “We, Love,” a coffee table book that combines compelling narrative penned by the photographer herself, with portraits of pairs.

Apart from being both a beauty photographer and model, Black had teacher training in the Himalayas, and then built the Live Awake Community. Sara also currently conducts meditation sessions/classes. Live Awake Philippines is her Wellness Community that focuses on wellness via an online group forum and various pop-up events.

Get organized now, and check out useful tips and product finds at Healthy Options, which has stores all over Metro Manila and key cities nationwide.  For company and product overviews, visit

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