The Bureau of Customs has encouraged trade regulatory government agencies to use an online portal that enables the automation of key Customs processes to further boost imports and exports.

bureau of customs - Customs pushes use of online portal

In order to get more trade regulatory government agencies to use the National Single Window, the Customs bureau conducted a webinar last Nov. 5 which aims to “boost trade within and outside the Philippines while ensuring efficient and seamless Customs administration.”

The NSW is an online portal where the automated licensing, permit, clearance, and certification systems of TRGAs for the export and import of goods across the region are integrated.

According to the bureau, they provided an overview on NSW and ASEAN Single Window Systems as well as the functionalities of the new NSW System called

The webinar also discussed the step-by-step process in applying for the Product Evaluation Report and Electronic Certificate of Origin using the NSW System.

The ASW is the regional initiative designed to expedite cargo clearance and promote regional economic integration through electronic exchange of border documents among the ASEAN’s 10 member-states.

The country joined the live operations of ASW last December, enabling the Customs bureau to issue electronic Certificate of Origin using the NSW or platform.

Customs chief Rey Guerrero encouraged stakeholders to use the system and assured the public that the bureau “is on-track in the effort to continuously implement projects which will promote innovation, cooperation, and ease of doing business.”

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