I’m interested in buying a condo. How do I start? What are the considerations? —Johndel, 38

One of the main decision factors is financial capacity. The first step is to assess what the property will be for.

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Buying the property will be more suitable for families who are ready to settle down and see the unit as a permanent home. Professionals with a stable career can also consider investing in the property as a home base in the short-term and an additional source of income in the long-term. Those who are still exploring career opportunities or with no clear plans of settling down, however, will benefit from the flexibility of renting a unit.

Another factor is location. Living in a prime location means easy access to one’s place of work and to essential services like hospitals, schools, places of worship, and key business hubs. Location will also define a certain lifestyle.

Your choice of locale must afford you conveniences and a level of enjoyment. With the traffic conditions in the metro, it’s ideal to reside closer to your workplace and necessities.

When choosing a condo, consider the quality of life you will have there. Check the amenities. Pools, gyms, and common areas are standard in quality compounds, but the difference lies in how well-designed and well-built these amenities are.

On top of this, condo hunters should also consider the density of the property. In well-planned communities, residents enjoy privacy and personal space despite sharing facilities and amenities with other residents.

Architect Esteban Y. Tan’s recent projects include the design of the fifth tower of Valencia Hills, a masterplanned development located at the corner of N. Domingo and Valencia Sts. in Quezon City. Owned by Topsphere Realty
Development Company, Inc., the development is part of Federal Land’s real estate portfolio. For home and design questions, send an email to mblifestylehome@gmail.com.

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