Cardinal-elect Jose Advincula of Capiz said his appointment might be Pope Francis’ way of conveying to the people the presence of the Church in the peripheries.

advincula - Cardinal-elect Advincula: Appointment Pope’s way of conveying to people Church’s presence in peripheries
Cardinal-elect Jose Advincula of Capiz. 

“This might be a way the Holy Father wants to convey to the people the presence of the Church in the peripheries,” CBCP News quoted Advincula’s interview with Vatican News Tuesday.

He said it might be also because he had been establishing mission stations and mission schools in far-flung areas.

“I always thought that the Church has to be closer to the people, especially those that are in the peripheries,” Advincula said.

The cardinal-designate was surprised when he was named by the Pontiff as one of the 13 new cardinals Sunday.

The new status of these candidates will be formalized in a consistory in the Vatican on Nov. 28.

Advincula will be the second Filipino named cardinal under Francis’ papacy after Cardinal Orlando Quevedo, the 81-year-old archbishop emeritus of Cotabato.

Meanwhile, the 68-year old archbishop said protecting human rights must be at the heart of the Church’s mission.

He said the Church has to see to it that human dignity and human rights are respected.

This commitment, according to him, helps in the alleviation of poverty because he believes it is “one of the reasons why we have social problems.”

“And education is the way to develop the people so that they can earn more in order to live a more decent life,” Advincula said.

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