Almost 200 residents in Cagayan who asked for rescue assistance have been found alive and reunited with their families following efforts of Vice President Leni Robredo’s office to locate them in the aftermath of Typhoon Ulysses.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Robredo noted these individuals were on their list of those who sought help for rescue during last week’s Ulysses’ onslaught.

IMG 3843 - Cagayan residents who sought rescue aid are alive and well, Robredo reports
(Photo from VP Leni’s Twitter post / MANILA BULLETIN)

“They were the ones who were crying out on that fateful night to be rescued. Many in the list, they were already able to talk to and have been confirmed to be safe,” she said.

Of this number, the vice president cited initial reports that three of the missing persons have yet to be located.

“One of those they could not contact was Raquel of Gosi Sur, Tuguegarao. We were getting nervous already. But they found her today,” Robredo said.

Cagayan has been placed under the state of calamity due to heavy flooding that submerged most towns and villages in the province.

The massive floods were caused by the release of water from Magat Dam and the continuous downpour from the weather distubance that hit the region.

Robredo said the OVP team was able to locate a resident identified as Janice Narag. She is the daughter of Johnny Narag who died of heart attack before the rescuers were able to find them.

“The cries for help that were recorded and went viral came from their neighbors and some family members who were hoping that if they all cry for help, they can be located despite the darkness. The female voice that could be heard shouting “rescue!” was Janice’s voice,” she tweeted.

“Janice is shown here with Atty Gimei who we’re working with in painstakingly trying to account for everyone in our list,” she said, sharing the resident’s photo in her post.

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