The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has started the process of repairs and renovation of the Naga Airport in the Bicol Region after it was hit by typhoon Rolly.

images 2 1 - CAAP fast-tracks repairs and renovation of typhoon-hit Naga Airport
Naga Airport (Wikipedia)

CAAP Spokesman Eric Apolonio said the damage to the airport was approximately P5.5 million.

He said the CAAP will not wait for the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to provide the funds for the repairs of Naga Airport.  CAAP will shoulder the initial costs of repairs, as Naga Airport is badly needed to transport relief goods to the affected residents in the region.

Apolonio said the damage to the Naga Airport is just minimal so that the facility became operation just one day after the onslaught of typhoon Rolly.

The CAAP spokesman also said that personnel of the CAAP Engineering Department are now assessing the damage to the Catanduanes Airport so that the agency can immediately take the necessary action.

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