By Angela Casco

With the ashfall, air quality in Batangas and other areas such as Metro Manila have become worse than usual. Ash particles from a volcanic eruption can be extremely dangerous when inhaled deep into the lungs, according to the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network (IVHHN). It can cause breathing discomfort and increased coughing, even to generally healthy individuals. Other short-term symptoms include runny nose, throat irritation, or sore throat with dry coughing, and shortness of breath.

Staying indoors, as was advised during the ashfall, does not mean you’re completely safe from ash particles. Wherever there is air, ash follows, making indoor air quality, which tends to reach levels of select pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor air, worse.

Enter the air purifier, an appliance designed to cleanse the air inside the home. It gets rid of all the impurities including odors, smoke, dust, and pet dander.

For better indoor air quality, take your pick from these air purifiers.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifier

Dyson - Achieve better indoor air quality with these air purifiers

This purifier not only works to sense and capture harmful pollutants, it also projects purified air throughout the space, whether that’s the living room or the bedroom. You can monitor air quality quickly, too, via the Dyson Link app on your smartphone. You can schedule, remote control, and personalize the machine settings through it, as well.

Where to buy:

Daikin’s Streamer Air Purifier 55 Type

Daikin - Achieve better indoor air quality with these air purifiers

Don’t let this purifier’s simple look and design deceive you. It has a double method decomposition feature, which lets active ion plasma flow out and decompose pollutants in the air, while the built-in streamer eliminates them by suction. Its auto fan mode also adjusts energy consumption according to the level of pollutants in the air, as detected by a sensor.

Where to buy:

Sharp’s FP J80EPH Air Purifier

Sharp - Achieve better indoor air quality with these air purifiers

If you’re avoiding airborne illnesses at all cost, this purifier is for you. It operates with a plasmacluster ion technology, an air purifying technology which uses positive and negative ions to clean the room’s air while removing
suspended airborne mold, viruses, and allergens.

Where to buy: Abenson

Imarflex IAP-150 Air Purifier

Imarflex - Achieve better indoor air quality with these air purifiers

This purifier filters air through a hepa filter and an air ionizer. Worth noting is how silent its motor is. Perhaps its
best feature, though, is its size, making it the perfect choice in condo units and tight office spaces.

Where to buy: Shopee

Blueair’s Sense+ Air Purifier

Blueair - Achieve better indoor air quality with these air purifiers

This purifier removes impurities from the air through a particle filter with a built-in carbon sheet. It’s perfect for a smart home, too, as it has a built-in motion sensor and filter change indicator, and can be operated via the Blueair
Friend app. Consider it as an additional decoration at home, too, with three stylish colors to choose from: lime green, ruby red, and midnight blue.

Where to buy: Abenson, Ansons

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