By Tina Hidalgo-Jacinto

1 3 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

The newlyweds, Renee Ann Puno-Crisologo and Atty. Edrix Crisologo with Atty. Rene Puno, Ann Puno, Rita Crisologo, and Rep. Bingbong Crisologo

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along,” quotes Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet. The many months of preparation showed the love, sacrifice, and dedication of the lovely couple, Atty. Edrix Crisologo and Renee Puno. Edrix is the son of Quezon City congressman Bingbong Crisologo and wife Rita; and Renee is the daughter of the lawyer Atty. Rene Puno and culinary queen Ann Puno, famous for her ‘to-die-for’ desserts.

3 1342 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Cory Quirino, Joanne Matschuck, and Marivic Vasquez

2 1127 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Marian Ong, Serla Russell, and Len Olbes

4 815 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Chito Sobrepena, Anna Sobrepena, and Consul Evie Costa; (standing) Nympha Valencia, Linda Ley, and Atty. Rene Puno

5 630 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Noel Gonzales, Eileen Gonzales, Consul Helen Ong, and Chris Badiola

6 511 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Josef Gueta

8 316 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Rep. Manny Lopez, Suzette Lopez, Rene Puno, Lilibeth Campos, and Paqui Campos

10 214 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Dr. George Sarakinis and Becky Garcia

9 261 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Principal sponsors Richard Tiu, Gov. Joe Zubiri, Gov. Chavit Singson, and Rep. Bingbong Crisologo

13 97 - A Blissful and Unforgettable Union

Seated: Renee Ann Puno-Crisologo, Atty. Yago Puno Standing: Atty. Rene Puno, Luis Puno and Ann Puno

Wedding day is considered the most significant day for any bride and groom and the two were joined in matrimony by reverent monsignor Albert Venus at St. James The Great Parish Church in Alabang in the company of family and friends. Principal sponsors were the groom’s relatives: Benedicto Crisologo and Nelda Caberte; Congresswoman Chiqui Puno, Consul Helen Ong, governor Jose Zubiri, Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez, Governor Chavit Singson, Richard Tiu, and Ann’s sisters, Teresa Elordi and Christine Valencia. After the wedding ceremonies, the dinner cocktail and reception were at the Bellevue Hotel. After the speeches, champagne, and first dance, the happy pair, Edrix and Renee mixed with their guests. It is said that: “When two people love each other, they don’t need to look at each other, they look in the same direction and all will be well as they focus on all the blessings in life.”

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