Manila City Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso acknowledged anew his late mentor German ‘Kuya Germs’ Moreno relating how he provided him valuable guidance that he was able to utilize throughout his stint in showbiz and beyond.

The former actor shared the same wisdom to upcoming actors during an online showing of “We Rise Together” Wednesday, maintaining, “Kuya Germs taught me very well.”

isko 785x1024 - Yorme recalls lessons learned from late mentor German Moreno
Isko Moreno

Among things he learned from the Master Showman is the importance of being punctual.

“Hindi baling ikaw ang naghihintay kaysa sa ikaw ang hinihintay. That’s the key. Sabi niya ‘yun ang professionalism.”

He also taught him how to accept the inevitability of a celebrity attaining irrelevance.

“Katulad ng araw, sa pagsikat niya, may takdang paglubog, ‘yun tiyak din ‘yon,” Yorme shared. “At the end of the day, may ipapapanganak na guwapo, may ipapanganakan na maganda, may ipapanganak na magaling kumanta, magaling umarte and so on and so forth. Be mindful of it.”

The brains behind the classic ‘80s teen show “That’s Entertainment” also imbued in him the value of frugality.

Kuya Germs 1024x768 - Yorme recalls lessons learned from late mentor German Moreno
German Moreno

“Kailangan mo mag-save. Don’t splurge ever. Buy things you appreciate. If a particular thing makes you happy, you deserve it. But don’t overdo it. You have to save for the rainy days. You have to save for your future, because your future is short-lived in showbiz. Remember this — short-lived. Not everybody will be a Sharon Cuneta, not everybody will be a Fernando Poe Jr.”

This is important he said, noting “Pagdating ng pagtiklop ng araw, which is hindi ka na hihiyawan ng tao – mayroon ka pa ring fans, no question, it’s just that they have new preference – then you can still sustain your economic life.”

He added, “The longer you stay in showbiz without planning, without a fallback, by the time that you realize that you need a fallback, it might be too late for you.”

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