Vice President Leni Robredo herself facilitated requests for rescue and relief operations for families and individuals who were trapped or stranded during the onslaught of typhoon “Ulysses” (international name: Vamco).

leni - VP Leni facilitates requests for rescue, relief operations
Vice President Leni Robredo (OVP / MANILA BULLETIN)

The Office of Vice President (OVP) has set into motion its efforts to help communities that were reeling from the effects of the recent typhoon.

As “Ulysses” pounded the National Capital Region and other parts of Luzon, Robredo was mobilizing her office to facilitate the requests for the rescue of families and individuals who were stranded in flooded areas in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces – particularly Marikina City and several parts of Rizal.

To make the rescue efforts possible, the OVP coordinated with government agencies conducting the operations. “We are also working with private partners to provide much needed assets, like trucks and boats, to affected areas,” the OVP said in a statement.

Likewise, the OVP continues to monitor the areas in need of immediate assistance. The Office has also got in touch with affected local government units (LGUs) to inquire about the urgent needs in their respective communities. “We commit to immediately respond to the best of our limited resources, and with support from partners and donors,” the OVP added.

Robredo, on her personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, has been posting various updates on “Ulysses.” Before the typhoon wreck havoc, she urged everyone to “pray that Typhoon Ulysses will weaken and not wreak further destruction” since “thousands of families are still reeling from the effects of Typhoon Rolly with so many still homeless.”

As “Ulysses” batters Naga City, Robredo has also been sharing photos of pictures of devastation such as landslides and floods in Catanduanes, flooding in Guinobatan and many parts of Camarines Sur. “Posting pictures from everywhere and from multiple senders. Apologies to those who took the pics because I have yet to check whom to give credit to. But so many are awaiting for word from home. Will post updates as they come,” she said.

In one of her tweets on Thusday morning, Robredo said she “spent the entire night answering calls for rescue in Bicol. Many people trapped by floodwaters inside their houses.  Complaints that they were not warned enough. Same thing is happening here now – Marikina, Rizal, etc.”

Robredo also noted that initial reports from the ground show that Typhoon “Ulysses” hit Bicol “harder than what everyone initially expected” – thus, the OVP has been trying to get as many reports on the ground as possible.

After receiving reports of residents trapped in their houses in Camarines Sur, Robredo said that the OVP requested the 9th ID of the Philippine Army to send over to these locations vehicles which can withstand the raging waters. “We were assured they will swiftly act on it,” she said.

Based on OVP’s initial assessment from “Ulysses’” fury in Bicol, Robredo said that the worst hit areas include Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur – particularly in Ragay, Sipocot, Libmanan, Lagonoy, and Tinambac. “Waiting for reports still from other areas,” she said.

Meanwhile, Robredo said that the OVP is also monitoring the effects of the typhoon in Quezon and the Greater Manila Area.

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