K-pop girl group TWICE made their comeback with the album “More & More,” which achieved first week sales of more than 300,000 copies.

According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “More & More” sold a total of 332,416 copies for the first week from June 2 to 8.

This is more than twice than the group’s last album “Feel Special,” released last September, which accumulated first-week sales of 154,028, and “Fancy You,” which garnered 151,051 copies in sales in the first week in April 2019.

TWICE broke their own first-week sales record on the first day alone of release as “More & More” sold 274,472 on June 2 based on the count period used by Hanteo.

TWICE1 HIRES 1 - TWICE sells more than 300,000 copies of ‘More & More’ album in 1st week

TWICE (Twitter)

This was followed by 18,617 copies sold on June 3; 5,082 copies on June 4;. 24,461 copies on June 5; 408 copies on June 6; 702 copies on June 7, and 8,674 copies on June 8.

With the 332,416 copies in sales achieved by “More & More,” Hanteo said TWICE placed second in first-week sales records among girl groups in history.

“More & More” also topped iTunes Top Albums chart in 30 countries and regions including Japan, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia, and debuted at No. 200 on Billboard 200, the group’s first time to enter the chart.

On YouTube, “More & More” has garnered 83 million views as of writing on June 10 since it was uploaded on June 1 based on the website’s screen counter.

Asked if the public’s expectation of TWICE becomes a burden every time the group makes a comeback, Jihyo said, “Certainly, sometimes I see it a burden but instead of being bound by those burdensome feelings, I am more concerned about how to bring about a better and newer image to everybody. We want to present more new and good images to the fans and the public who love us,” according to Osen.

“In the past, the expectations on results were a burden, but after many albums, I realized it’s the process that matters. We just need to enjoy and stay happy preparing albums, then the later results don’t matter anymore. If I do well in that process, the sense of satisfaction is greater.
Therefore, we are more enthusiastic when working on albums,” said Nayeon.

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