Changmin, 32, member of K-pop duo TVXQ, announced he will tie the knot with his non-showbiz girlfriend in September.

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He posted a handwritten letter on June 12 in which he said, “Because I wanted to personally tell my fans, I took all my courage to write this down.

Nevertheless, on the one hand, I also feel heartbroken and sorry to think that I would cause the fans, who have always been supporting me with great affection, to be shocked or even sad at my sudden news.”

“Through the press not too long ago, everyone probably already knows that I have been dating a girl. We have exchanged trust, credibility, and love with each other. Naturally, I made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with this girl and decided to get married in September, when the heat is over,” he said, according to MyDaily.

SM Entertainment confirmed the two will exchange I do’s in a private ceremony on Sept. 5. His romantic relationship was revealed last December.

Changmin debuted in TVXQ in December 2003 when the group performed “Hug” during a TV showcase of BoA and Britney Spears.

“I have been a singer for 17 years and have lived for nearly half my life as a member of TVXQ. Yunho, me, and the fans all had a period of time when we were caught up in the insecurity because we were unsure of TVXQ’s future, but thanks to the fans who protected and sent out great affection, we can continue to grow up until now. Sincerely thank you very much,” Changmin said.

Changmin thanked “Yunho for supporting and rejoicing in my decision, as well as thank the members of the agency for giving me sincere advice. In the future, I will try to become a breadwinner and member Changmin of TVXQ who will make every effort in everything and repay more to the people who have encouraged and supported me.”

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