By Margaret Rose Siytangco

In the middle of this pandemic, one wishes we can escape to the theatres and watch the latest movies to escape our realities. But we cannot. And this is where Netflix shines. The entire world has turned to Netflix for our entertainment and escape. And now with Emily… we can escape to Paris!

Much like Devil wears Prada, we can take a peek into the world of fashion. But this time, not just fashion but into other worlds of luxury as well. Food, wine, perfume… name it. It’s Paris! Emily arrives at the Parisian Marketing firm bringing vibrant style and colour in her clothing style, a complete stand out against the sophisticated, sleek (black?) attire of her co-workers.

The French in the show are stereotypically rude, standoffish, rude, sophisticated, rude and passionate. Emily hits that head on with fun, sweet, quirky Instagram posts, making her the darling of Paris and the bane of the office.

emily in paris key art 1 - TV Review: Emily In Paris

Lily Collins, as Emily, will remind you of Andrea Sachs from Devil Wears Prada as she throws positivity around, gathers help and advice from friends and co-workers. You will root for her, no matter what. But then she will also remind you of Sarah Jessica Parker’s plucky Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City fame. She will thumb her nose at the word common and wear her coloursand style, and do so proudly. No compromise there.

Personally, this was a breath of sweet air after all the kimchi of K-dramas, many of which can also be found on Netflix if you are into those. It is a light series sure to entertain. And at the end of the series… you will definitely pardon Emily’s French, call her “incroyable!” and yell for an encore!

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