The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has successfully transferred 26 animals into its custody on Saturday including purebred cats that were left “pitiful” at the airport cargo area since the third week of September.

IMG 20201010 211027 753x1024 - Trapped at NAIA for weeks, 26 animals, including purebred cats, transferred to PAWS custody
(photo from PAWS Facebook)

It took 15 hours to sort out paperwork at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) quarantine section and cargo area on Saturday before the animals were transferred to PAWS’ custody.

Last October 1, a video on the pitiful plight of 18 purebred cats who were kept in carriers for several weeks since their arrival from Russia made rounds on the internet.

PAWS said the cats have stayed in the dirty carriers filled with feces and urine for weeks.

The cats were also reported to be “undernourished, dehydrated and very stressed.”

“The animals have been suffering at the cargo area from lack of proper care since third week of September,” PAWS said in a social media post.

The animal welfare group noted that the cats were sent via cargo from Russia by an importer named Shane Cruz who posted the video on social media calling for action against the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) for alleged animal cruelty.

Results of PAWS’ investigation into the matter revealed however that it was Cruz’s negligence that led to the cats pitiful situation at the cargo area of the airport.

PAWS said it is now preparing charges that will be filed against Cruz and several other live animal importers who have abandoned their imported animals. 

Aside from the 18 cats, five cats and three dogs that were also left unclaimed by “irresponsible importers” were rescued by PAWS on Saturday. 

“They will not be up for adoption pending the resolution of criminal cases filed against the animal offenders,” it pointed out.

PAWS urged the public to stop supporting the retail sale of pets. 

“The hapless ‘merchandise’ of this cruel trade are simply left for dead by heartless sellers when the projected income turns out to be less than the overhead costs of bringing the animals into the country,” it stressed.

PAWS said it remains determined to clamp down on breeders and animal importers who violate the law and cause animal suffering.

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