brightiwn 1024x653 - Thailand to have its own version of hit series ‘Meteor Garden’
Metawin “Win” Opas-iamkajorn (left) and Vachirawit “Bright” Chiva-aree

Thailand will have its own remake of the classic hit “Meteor Garden,” and it will star no other than the lead stars of the hit BL (Boys’ Love) series “2gether.”

GMMTV, which will produce the remake, said Metawin “Win” Opas-iamkajorn and Vachirawit “Bright” Chiva-aree — dubbed as “BrightWin” by fans — will take on the role of Thye (Dao Ming Si) and Kavin (Hua Zi Lei), respectively.

BrightWin will star alongside actress Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul, and actors Nani Hirunkit Changkham and Dew Jirawat Sutivanisak.

The series titled F4 Thailand is set to air in 2021.

Bright and Win expressed excitement on their new roles on their respective Twitter accounts.

Bright said he is “very happy and honored “ to be playing the role of Thyme.

“I will be determined and my best,” BRight said

Win likewise said he will do his best in portraying a “challenging character.”

GMMTV also released photos and a video teaser for Thailand’s very own F4 and Shan Cai on its official social media pages.

“The wait is over,” GMMTV captioned a teaser video featuring the cast.

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