For eight years now, Sue Ramirez has been taking the slow but sure career path as actress and singer.

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Sue Ramirez (Photos from her Instagram account)

While her contemporaries may have starred in lead roles and are part of the biggest love teams, Sue is doing pretty well too with back-to-back projects.

“I still have a lot to achieve. This year, I will work even harder, take more fearless projects, and venture into things I’m afraid to do,” Sue said.

“I don’t look at others’ business. I focus on what I gotta do. I’ll be proud with the achievements of the people around me.”

She is having her concert “Rock Chic” on July 19 at the Music Museum. After her movie “Sunshine Family,” Sue is working on “Cuddle Weather.”

She doesn’t mind taking the long road to achieve her dreams.

“As long as I’m busy doing the things I love, I’m in no rush. Even if I need to crawl my way up, I’ll do it. I’m not in a hurry. Where I am now is where I’m supposed to be. Everything that I have now is what I deserve and worked hard for,” she said.

Left of center
Sue is now more daring when it comes to accepting offbeat roles. In “Cuddle Weather” co-starring RK Bagatsing, she plays a sex worker.

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With RK Bagatsing

“It’s a different type of me. It’s something I was afraid of doing but I accepted it. Since I’m at it already, you’re gonna have that urge to really do well. When I accept something, I really fight for it,” she said.

The Kapamilya actress admits feeling nervous about giving justice to her role. She credits RK for their good partnership despite her sensitive role.

“I feel safe around RK. I didnt feel awkward with him even if it’s our firt time working together. He’s a gentleman.”

How sexy can she go?

“As far as they need me and as far as Star Magic would allow me,” she shot back. “It’s a safe working environment for me and I trust everyone behind the camera.”

“Cuddle Wather,” directed by Antoinette Jadaone, is not your typical “hugot” film.

“It’s a kind of a comedy too but different from those I have done before.”

Ehem, ehem
All’s well in her personal life, too. Sue recently revealed she and Joao Constancia have been a couple for almost two years now.

Untitled2 - Sue’s star shines steadily

Sue with boyfriend Joao Constancia

“There were lots of people asking before and I think they got tired asking about it already. I still have the same answer, we’re happy with each other. Thank you to those who appreciate us and what we do and somehow we get to inspire others. You know me, I’m a very open person. So, it’s a relief that it’s finally out there. We really didn’t intend to hide anything.”

They have always been rumored to be a couple following their sweet gestures and photos on social media.

“I don’t want to be kept and I also don’t want to keep people. It feels light and easy when you don’t hide anything. I really don’t want to lie. So, if I say anything, I always want to be honest,” she said.

Sue has a lot of good things to say about her man. Even their families are involved in their relationship.

“He’s very caring, 100 percent. He’s very family-oriented and I look up to him because of that. He’s very close with my family. He cares for my family as much as I care for him. So, it’s a very personal relationship when there’s already a family involved. It’s a big thing.”

Joao is protective of her, yet he supports her decisions on her personal life and career. They understand each other’s individual careers, especially when it comes to their busy schedules.

“I post two-piece swimsuits not to show that I am sexy but to open the minds of everybody that it’s not trying to show off as sexy but it’s just a normal thing. And let’s not oversexualize our bodies. I just want to change the mindset of people regarding our bodies. He respects my decision and where my career is going. So, he accepted it. He wasn’t also keeping me from doing things I want to do. That’s the same with me too (with him),” he said.

Ready to rock
After years of proving her mettle in acting, Sue is now embracing her unwavering love for music and performance through “Rock Chic.”

While she admits that there is some pressure to put up a good show for those who would make time to see her, she is thrilled to be finally ticking off this goal off of her bucket list.

file1 26 - Sue’s star shines steadily

With Frank Lloyd Mamaril

The one-night-only show directed and produced by Frank Lloyd Mamaril is a set to be a spectacle of all things Sue—her edgy yet carefree persona along with her undeniable passion for music.

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With Kristel Fulgar

Making the concert even more special is the presence of Sue’s good friends Kristel Fulgar and Maris Racal, with whom she first shared the stage with in the 2017 concert “4 of a Kind: The Un4gettable Concert.” Also joining Sue for a first-time collaboration during the show is crooner Michael Pangilinan.

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With Maris Racal

Frank was all praises to Sue after seeing her potential when he directed the concert with the four friends.

“Having known that Sue actually auditioned for Star Magic as a singer. And because she has definitely proven her spot in acting, I believe she just needs an avenue to showcase her singing talent,” he said.

“Rock Chic” is produced by FLM Creatives and Productions Inc. with Marvin Querido as musical director. The concert is co-presented by Top-O together with major sponsor Natasha and minor sponsors I Love My Sisters, Faber Castell, GSM Blue, GAOC and Belo Medical Group. Tickets available at Ticketworld.

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