Doing “Kid Alpha One” is surely memorable for Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez being their first action movie and first time to work together.

“It has always been my dream to do an action movie so I think this is another milestone in my career, ” Sue said. “Medyo raw yung character ko dito. She’s not soldier but veterinarian. On the side, she goes to the gym for boxing.”

Javi, who was recently introduced as member of the newest Star Magic Circle batch, jumped into doing action movie right off the bat.

“Ever since I was young, I’m a huge fan of action. I used to watch Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies. My progression from the first day of shooting until now, with the guidance of my directors, made me grow a lot as actor,” he said.

Javi watched Sue’s concert last July and had wished to work with her since then.
Well, dreams come true, eh?

“I have so much respect for her both as artist and person. Many people tell me na wala siyang arte, she’s very professional. And true enough, she’s so easy to get along with,” Javi said.

sue javi - Sue and Javi kick up a storm in shooting ‘Kid Alpha One’

Javi Benitez and Sue Ramirez with Richard Sommes and Joross Gamboa

Sue felt flattered she was Javi’s first choice for leading lady. Working with different actors is no longer new for Sue as she doesn’t have a constant love team.
She has nothing but good words for Javi, who has shown determination to excel in acting.

“He is dedicated to his work, he trained hard for this. He doesn’t complain. I never heard him complain even when he’s on the set whole day. Even if it’s late and he still has to do action scenes, he doesn’t say anything. You’ll feel embarrassed to complain,” she said.

Javi and Sue have an intimate scene in the movie. Director Richard Somes shared they “nailed it,” making it look romantic and beautiful.

“This is my first work, so with the kissing scene medyo kinabahan pero she made it easy for me,” Javi said.
Sue didn’t have any qualms. As Richard described it, “it’s the most romantic scene I have shot” after a long time.

“Well taken care of kami sa mga eksena. You won’t look at it as malaswa, bastos, it’s not going to be like that. It’s a very beautiful scene,” Sue said.

Richard is proud of Sue and Javi’s excellent performance in the movie. He sees great potential in Javi as leading man, who was also trained by experts in doing stunts and using weapons.

javi222 - Sue and Javi kick up a storm in shooting ‘Kid Alpha One’


“He’s a revelation. The industry needs him na at least may bagong mukha, may bagong leading man na. There’s a lot of things na madidiscover mo sa kanya. We realized that we have this successful progression with him. More than his physicality and his action, but also how he connect with his acting piece. As an action star, it’s also important that he also connects with his co-actors,” Richard said.

He praised Sue’s “brilliance as an actress” for owning her role. Despite her busy schedule and different genres of movies she recently made, Sue was able to deliver well.

“Sue came in the right place and at the right time. She adds a different level of chemistry, not only with the leading actor, but with the cast. Sue stood here on her own as leading actress. ”

Richard hopes to be able to show “Kid Alpha One” internationally. Also cast are Joross Gamboa, Jeffey Tam, and Carla Humphries.

“Our key staff here are Filipinos, para at least when we show it to international market, we’ll have a certain pride na ‘Kaya pala ng Pinoy, kaya ng mga Pinoy na artista, kaya ng mga Pinoy na staff, na trainers.’ So, that inspired me to push the film farther,” he said.

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