Netizens are going crazy over Marvel’s recent Twitter post, seemingly teasing a new “Spider-Man” project.

The teaser, which was posted Sunday morning and immediately became a trending topic, shows a spider crawling atop a “4” made of silk. It came with hashtag “#MarvelComics.”

MARVEL - Spider-Man 4? Marvel exec stirs up speculation

MARVEL HINTS for a possible Spider-Man 4 (Twitter)

“No one is going to see this one coming,” editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski teased in a retweet.

c.b. cebulski - Spider-Man 4? Marvel exec stirs up speculation


No other information has been made available as of press time.

Needless to say, fans are speculating on what could be coming from what they call House of Ideas.

Online website Comic Book ( gathered the possible answers to the theories.

Some suggests Marvel would be publishing Sam Raimi’s unproduced “Spider-Man 4” in comic book form, while others seem to think it’s going to be a crossover between Spidey and Marvel’s First Family in the “Fantastic Four.”

Well, the mystery grew even more after American artist Alex Ross took to social media and shared a painting of Spider-Man swinging through New York while holding his main love interest, Mary Jane Watson.

What do you think the teaser means? Hmm…

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