K-pop idol group SF9 made their return performance in Manila, and this time, it’s for their first-ever concert in the country.

Fans trooped to the New Frontier Theater on Nov. 16 to watch “SF9’s Live Fantasy #2 Unixerse” in Manila that showcased Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Chani, Youngbin, Jaeyoon, Inseong, Dawon and Hwiyoung.

The concert was a follow-up to their first fan meeting in Manila held January last year. In between, SF9 released four mini-albums and went on tour in Japan and the US.

“So we went here in Manila for a fan meeting. And now this time, it’s our very first concert here in Manila,” said Youngbin.
Jaeyoon asked the fans, “Miss mo ba kami?,” while Youngbin said, “Na-miss din ko kayong lahat” and Hwiyoung told them, “Masaya ako makita kayo.”

“It’s the first time we’re having a concert here so we are so excited. This space is a universe with you guys and us. You guys are our fantasy and our space,” said Inseong.

3SF LOWRES - SF9 happy to see Pinoy fans for second time

SF9 had a great time performing before fans in Manila (Twitter)

Dawon said, “Did you miss us? We missed you so much as well.”

From the start of the concert, SF9 boys made sure to captivate and excite fans. During their opening number “RPM,” the carrier track of their latest album of the same title that was released last July, Jaeyoon tugged open his costume to reveal his sculpted abs that drew screams from the audience.

They followed it up with “Now or Never,” “Fanfare,” “Midnight Road,” “Go Back in Time” and “O Sole Mio.”

Then came the special stages where each member performed. Youngbin was the first to go on stage followed by Dawon’s performance of “Bad Guy.” Jaeyoon covered Jeong Sewoon’s “My Ocean” and Zuho sang “Champagne.” Hwiyoung performed “Snow,” Taeyang featured Zuho during his spot and Chani had “Destiny.”

SF9 also sang “Dreamer,” “Jungle Game,” “Play Hard,” “Let’s Hang Out,” “Mamma Mia,” “Round and Round,” “Photograph,” “See You Tomorrow,” “Unlimited,” “Echo,” “Life is So Beautiful,” “Beautiful Life” and “The Beat Goes On.”

The boys had a great time performing and showing their charms, and the fans were excited to see SF9 once again. In addition, lucky fans had a hi-touch and group photos with SF9, and won signed posters and Polaroids.

Fans surprised Youngbin with a “Happy Birthday” song to celebrate his 26th birthday falling on Nov. 23.

“I’m really happy that we are able to be here for a concert, not a fan meeting,” said Rowoon.

Hwiyoung told fans, “Thanks to you, guys, we had a really enjoyable performance tonight. I’ll work harder and I’ll come back with a better me.”

1SF LOWRES - SF9 happy to see Pinoy fans for second time

SF9 performing at their first concert in Manila (Photo by Jonathan Hicap)

“I’m happy to be here and seeing you guys makes me happy,” said Chani while Dawon said he had many things to say but couldn’t because he was “about to cry” like what happened in Seoul.

According to Jaeyoon, “We want to come back here. Thank you for today. We love you. Ang ganda mo lahat.”

“It’s been a long time since we did the last stage. I had a good time today. Currently, we are really making good songs for our next album. Na-miss kita,” said Zuho.

Taeyang said he “had a great time better than I thought.”

“SF9’s Live Fantasy #2 Unixerse in Manila” was presented by Three Angles Production and FNC Entertainment.

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