K-pop boy band Seventeen’s leader S.Coups, also known as Seungcheol, has decided to take a break from the group’s activities due to anxiety.

SCoups Seventeen - Seventeen’s S.Coups goes on hiatus due to anxiety

Seventeen’s S.Coups (Twitter)

Pledis Entertainment made the announcement on Nov. 18 about the health condition of the 24-year-old singer.

“S.Coups has recently been undergoing a detailed examination and diagnosis of his health, due to symptoms of anxiety. And after thorough discussion, all of the Seventeen members, including S.Coups himself, have decided that it would be best for him to take the time to rest and temporarily abstain from participating in Seventeen’s activities,” the agency said.

After the announcement was made, the hashtags #GetWellSoonSCOUPS and #WeLoveYouSCOUPS trended worldwide on Twitter.

Pledis added, “We sincerely extend our apologies to all fans who have continued showing their love and support for Seventeen and hope for your understanding, as we have made this decision to prioritize our member’s health and well-being. We will make sure to continue trying our best to protect our artists.”

“In addition, we sincerely hope that there will be no excessive assumptions or misunderstandings regarding the health of S.Coups, and will make further announcements accordingly in regard to his recovery and future activities,” it said.

Dino, another member of Seventeen, did not participate in the group’s “Ode to You” world tour in Japan last Nov. 7 due to enteritis, or inflammation of the intestine.

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