Richard Juan has a gentle reminder to everyone amid COVID-19 threat: Do not spray alcohol on surgical masks.

RICHARD JUAN 764x1250 - Richard Juan educates followers on supposedly ‘sanitizing’ surgical masks with alcohol

On Tuesday, the ABS-CBN actor Richard Juan uploaded on Instagram a video where he said the disinfectant ruins the masks’ waterproof layer.

There has been a shortage of face masks since the number of people who has the virus increased in the Philippines. As a result, some people have resorted to recycling masks even though that’s not advisable.

In the video, Richard first poured water on the protective gear. The mask was not ruined due to its waterproof coating on the surface. However, when he prayed alcohol on the gear, it started leaking.
“So guys that’s exactly why you should not be spraying alcohol on your face mask and reusing it,” he said.

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