Korean survival audition TV show “Produce X 101” has unveiled the top 30 contestants who will move forward to the next round.

TopA - ‘Produce X 101’ unveils top 30 contestants

(Clockwise from top left) First to sixth places Kim Woo-seok, Lee Jin-hyuk, Kim Yohan, Song Hyeong-jun, Koo Jung-mo and Lee Eung-sang (Mnet)

TopB - ‘Produce X 101’ unveils top 30 contestants

(Clockwise from top left) Seventh to 12th places Nam Do-hyon Lee Jin-woo, Han Seung-woo, Kim Min-kyu, Son Dong-pyo and Song Yu-vin (Mnet)

“Produce X 101” aims to launch another boy band like Wanna One, which was composed of the 11 winners on “Produce 101” Season in 2017 and achieved popularity in one and a half years of existence.

The show held the second elimination round on its June 21 episode wherein of the 60 remaining contestants, 30 were chosen by fans to go forward while the remaining 30 were eliminated.

Kim Woo-seok and Lee Jin-hyuk, both members of boy band Up10tion, topped the second elimination, getting 1.72 million and 1.48 million votes, respectively, based on online and live votes.

Favorite Kim Yohan of OUI Entertainment, who topped the first elimination, fell to third place with 1.45 million votes followed by Song Hyeong-jun of Starship Entertainment, 1.41 million; Koo Jung-mo of Starship Entertainment, 1.33 million; Lee Eung-sang of Brand New Music, 1.31 million; Nam Do-hyon of MBK Entertainment, 1.26 million; Lee Jin-woo of Maroo Entertainment, 1.25 million; Han Seung-woo of Plan A Entertainment, 1.24 million; and Kim Min-kyu of Jellyfish Entertainment, also a favorite, who fell from second to tenth place with 1.23 million votes.

Getting the 11th to 20th places are Son Dong Pyo of DSP Media, 1.04 million votes; Song Yu-vin of The Music Works, 1.01 million; Cha Jun-ho of Woollim Entertainment, 1.01 million; Ham Won-jin of Starship Entertainment, 942,284; Lee Han-gyul of MBK Entertainment, 928,085; Choi Byung-chan of Plan A Entertainment, 888,115; Cho Seung-youn of Yuehua Entertainment, 754,435; Hwang Yun-seong of Woollim Entertainment; 689,778; Keum Dong-hyun of C9 Entertainment,680,687; and Kang Hyeon-su of AAP.Y, 660,757.

Placing 21st to 30th are Lee Se-jin of iME Korea, Kim Kook-heon of The Music Works, Kang Min-hee of Starship Entertainment, Kim Si-hun of Brand New Music, Kim Hyeon-bin of Source Music, individual trainee Lee Hyeop, Tony of Hongyi Entertainment, Park Sun-ho of SidusHQ, individual trainee Choi Su-hwan and Joo Chang-uk of Woollim Entertainment.

One eliminated trainee will be chosen through votes to join the 30 contestants.

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