Filipino property seekers are now looking for stable and secure bases for learning and working from home, a shift from pre-pandemic where buyers prioritize good design, strategic location and modern facilities in prospective homes, according to a property tech startup.

Ohmyhome, Singapore’s proptech startup, said that this shift only means that despite the global health crisis randomly affecting the real estate market, there is still a significant interest in residential properties.

“Demand for residential properties remained strong amidst the pandemic,” said Race Wong, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Ohmyhome. The property solutions platform expanded into the Philippines in September only this year to cater to the needs of property seekers in the country.

ohmyhome2 - PH property seekers shift priorities
Sisters Race and Rhonda Wong, co-founder of Ohmyhome.

With quarantine constraints still in place, Wong said, the priority for home seekers is for stable and secure bases for learning and working from home.

“While property seekers are still looking at houses located near commercial or urbanized districts, there is an increase in prospective homeowners looking at properties outside Metro Manila, due to the changes and increased flexibility in work and study arrangements,” she said.

Wong likewise observed that clients considering high-rise living are leaning more towards integrated condominium developments that provide access to key locations such as supermarkets and banks. They also perceive condo residences as safer in the event of destructive typhoons and other weather disturbances that often cause disruption in activities due to resulting floods and power outages.

To facilitate the needs of Filipino buyers, Rhonda Wong, Ohmyhome Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, said they focus on providing a reliable and simple-to-use platform for customers who want to be able to confidently transact housing-related services.

“We work directly with developers but our interest lies in serving our buyers, to ensure that their rights are protected and that they get what they are paying for,” she said.

As a property solution app, Ohmyhome features a unique hybrid model: DIY platform that empowers users to purchase, sell, or rent properties on their own, free-of-charge, and full-fledged agency services for when clients need in-house agents to assist in their transactions.

With a convenient and uncomplicated user experience in mind, Ohmyhome developers designed its services to be practical and affordable. Apart from availing of free listings, clients may engage an in-house agent for assistance in locating an ideal property free of charge. Users may also seek their assistance to help sell or rent out a property—for a fee.

While economic and political landscapes remain fluid, Ohmyhome noted that Filipinos are starting to realize the fundamental role that housing plays in their lives. “Ohmyhome is the new way of doing property transactions,” she said. “The Philippine real estate market has long needed a solution for all parties—from real estate developers to brokers and to consumers. Great service, speed of sale, transparency, reliable data, and an easy-to-use platform—Ohmyhome offers all these and more.”

Ohmyhome makes property transactions simple, fast, and affordable through a DIY platform, top-tier agent services, mortgage advisory, conveyancing, and much more.

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