Lorraine Warren, world-renowned and one of America’s prominent paranormal investigators, has died Thursday night.

Lorraine Warren - Paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren of ‘Conjuring’, ‘Amityville’ fame, passes away at 92


Tony Spera, her son-in-law, confirmed on Facebook that Lorraine died “peacefully in her sleep.”

Spera said Lorraine has touched many lives and was loved by many and that she was a “remarkable, loving, compassionate and giving soul.”

“To quote Will Rogers, she never met a person she didn’t like. She was an avid animal lover and contributed to many animal charities and rescues. She was wonderful and giving to her entire family,” Spera wrote on Facebook Friday.

Lorraine’s grandson, Chris McKinnell, also confirmed her grandmother’s demise on Facebook Friday.

McKinnell wrote: “She was happy and laughing until the very end. She was my angel and my hero, and she will be deeply missed. Please join us in celebrating her life and honoring her beautiful soul. Remember to treasure those you love while you can.”

Lorraine’s paranormal and ghost-hunting cases, together with her late husband Ed, have inspired the horror films of today such as “The Conjuring” series, “The Amityville Horror”, and “Annabelle.”

The late couple founded the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR) in Connecticut in 1952.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the late couple has investigated more than 10,000 cases in the US and abroad in their 61 years of marriage.

Spera took over NESPR after Ed died in 2006.

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