Martin Del Rosario, Christian Bables, and Paolo Ballesteros were so overwhelmed by the ovation they got at the premiere of their movie “The Panti Sisters” that they were prompted to perform on the spot, dressed in drag and all!

The three performed “I Can” from the ’90s movie “Do Re Mi.”

PREMIERE - ‘Panti’ stars break into song at premiere

MARTIN DEL ROSARIO, Paolo Ballesteros and Christian Bable in character for ‘The Panti Sisters’

The movie sees their reunion with Director Jun Robles Lana who elmed each one before in separate movies. This is the reason “The Panti Sisters” is touted by fans as crossover within the so-called “Beautiful Cinematic Universe.”

In the movie, Daniel, Samuel, and Gabriel are gay brothers brought together by their dying father only to find themselves in a difficult situation when their father asks each of them for a grandchild in exchange for an extravagant inheritance. Living their lives separate from each other, the three are asked to move back to the mansion as they go against the odds to bear a child with the same Panti DNA.

The three must set aside their differences in order to really know what it means to become a true Panti. Why, they might even realize the true meaning of family along the way.

IMG 3503 - ‘Panti’ stars break into song at premiere

SCENE FROM the film

The film also stars John Arcilla, Carmi Martin, Rosanna Roces, Roxanne Barcelo, Via Antonio, Ali Forbes, and JOROSS Gamboa.

Black Sheep, The IdeaFirst Company, and Quantum Films bring the story of “The Panti Sisters” to cinemas nationwide. It is an entry to the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

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