Few are surprised that Ana Ramsey has opted to pursue a career in music given that her relatives include Elizabeth Ramsay and Jaya.

“Nilo-look up ko sila, they are my inspirations,” she said of her famous kins. “They’ve made a name for themselves and I hope to do the same.”

Her debut song “Tahan” under Star Pop was launched recently.

“Three songs were initially presented to me but when I listened to this song, I got chills. I was able to immediately recall the chorus, and I really found it beautiful,” she said.

Ana Ramsey 3 - Niece moves out of aunt Jaya’s shadow with ‘Tahan’


Although she has the advantage of having a last name that could open doors more easily in show business, Ana didn’t ask help from Jaya.

“I want to work hard and I want to go through the process,” she explained. “There is no shortcut for me. I just believe everything will happen according to God’s time and with God’s help.”

Ana recalled she used to tag along to grandma Elizabeth’s concerts. Eventually, she would sometimes be her guest performer.

“Namulat ako na ganoong klase pala ang mundo niya,” she said. “In-expose niya ako sa music world kahit baguhan pa lang ako and namulat ako na I really love music.”

Given the chance, Ana would want to do a duet with Jaya.

“And with Ms. Sarah Geronimo and KZ Tandingan din because they are so good when they perform. Parang gusto kong mahawahan ng energy nila, ng vibes nila pagdating sa stage,” she said.

jaya - Niece moves out of aunt Jaya’s shadow with ‘Tahan’


Among foreign artists, she counts Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, and Yolanda Adams as her favorites.

Though she doesn’t have formal training in music, Ana has a mentor in the internet, particularly YouTube.

When she sang Wency Cornejo’s “Hanggang” an Jenifer Hudson’s “And I Am Changing”, she sounded a professional singer.

“I always watch live performances on YouTube. I have probably adopted some styles,” she said.

“I look forward na malaman ko about proper breathing and all,” she said.

It’s worth knowing Ana joined “Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar” in 2010, and she even won the gold medal at the 2014 EuroPop Festival in Germany.

elizabeth - Niece moves out of aunt Jaya’s shadow with ‘Tahan’


“Kapag may nakita akong audition sa TV ay pupuntahan ko talaga agad. Nagse-search ako ng mga competitions, ng mga auditions,” she said of that time in her life.

In her music video for “Tahan” shot in Laguna, Ana worked with model Kirst Viray.

“Nadi-distract nga ako pero working with Kirst Viray, very approachable naman siya. He is easy to get along with, though. This is our first time to meet and work together and I could say he’s magaan katrabaho.”

As the shooting of the MTV entailed some acting,
Ana was asked if she did some workshop.

“No, I didn’t. When the dramatic scene was shot inside the car, I was told by Von Arroyo, ‘Just think of the bad things that happened to you’ and that did the trick. I really cried in that scene,” she said.

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