Amid the bashing she still gets for supposedly being “malamya” and “laging inaantok” during her stint on the recently-concluded “Idol Philippines,” Moira dela Torre talked about her health condition that could explain her temperament back then.

Note that it was her good friend Vice Ganda who first revealed she had a nose problem and that she took high dosage of medicines, thus resulting to her low-energy level.

While she did not give specific details, Moira said she is recovering from the injury; 85 percent done, actually.

MOIRA DELA TORRE - Moira dela Torre continues making music while recovering from nose injury


Moira revealed her nose went on necrosis or the process where cells and tissues die following a non-invasive procedure.

“Hindi po siya naagapan agad because we had no idea what was happening. I was at high risk of being blind, of aneurysm, of heart attack, and stroke,” she said, adding she was put on house arrest for three months to rest and heal.

Moira is thankful to have overcome the problem with the help of her faith in God.

“It was a really tough season kasi andami kong nawalang trabaho. Feeling ko dahil nasa gitna ng mukha ko ‘yun tapos andami pang sakit na sobrang high risk ako. It wasn’t just my career that I was gonna lose. It was my life or my eyesight like I wouldn’t be able to see my husband,” she said at a press conference.

“And so there’s so much fear that was building up. But at the same time, in that season, I feel like I became fearless after. I’m very grateful. I’m at the point na nagpapasalamat pa rin ako sa Panginoon na nangyari ‘yun kasi hindi ako magiging ganito katatag kung hindi siya nangyari. God is good.”

Moira thanked her fans for their continuous support. She added she no longer cares whether or not her nose gets fixed, maintaining that the most important thing is her music.

“I know that I’m here because of my songs. And I will continue because of my songs,” she said.

Moira will hold the concert “Braver” on Sept. 13 at the Araneta Coliseum. She is also set to release an international album.

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